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Workers get 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots for more chances of continuous protection

(BGO)- Although Covid-19 has been in good control, it poses risk of emerging new variants. Thus, together with other localities, Bac Giang is accelerating administering 4th vaccine shots to priority groups including workers. This is an important solution to secure stable production and maintain the post-pandemic economic growth momentum.

Making efforts to achieve 100,000 additional vaccine doses

According to a report by the provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, there are about 7,000 enterprises in the province creating jobs for more than 300,000 workers. Most of the workers are in the industrial parks with over 177,000 people working for approx. 400 companies.

Workers, 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots, more chances, continuous protection, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, prevention and control

Screening tests for workers of Fuyu Precision Component Company Limited before vaccination.

Since May 27, the medical center of the industrial parks has launched the high peak vaccination campaign to administer the 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots to workers in the industrial parks. 

The center is targeted to administer vaccines to 90,000 workers by the end of June, of which 50 percent of the workers in the industrial parks are provided 2nd vaccine doses. However, the number of workers meeting conditions to be provided 4th vaccine shots this time reaches 100,000.

According to Nguyen Huu Son, the Center Director, it is a hard work for them with a human resource of only 23 employees. In order to reach the target, the unit has made detailed plans based on application of each company and reinforced the human resource for implementation. 

By the end of June 21, the province has provided approx.237,300 4th vaccine shots to people aged above 18 in priority groups according to the regulation of the Ministry of Health, accounting for 18.6 percent of the province’s population and 30.4 percent of the priority people. Of which, 126,800 vaccine shots have been administered to workers, reaching over 41 percent of the number of workers in the entire province.

Depending on the enterprises’ production schedules, the center will arrange vaccination even at weekend or in the evening if necessary. Apart from the vaccination spots in the companies, there is a fixed vaccination spot right at the center on every Tuesday and Thursday to make it convenient for those working night shift and new workers from other localities.

As a result, the provincial Medical Center of the industrial parks has provided more than 81,300 4th vaccine doses to workers in the industrial parks as of 17h00 on June 21, accounting for 45.82 percent of the total workers.

Boosting propaganda, flexible organizing methods

According to Nguyen Xuan Ngoc, Deputy Head of the provincial Industrial Zones Authority, in order to reach the target to increase the coverage rate of additional vaccine shots against Covid-19 among workers, the agency has collaborated with the departments, districts and city to implement the plan to every company while boosting propaganda and encouraging workers to get 4th vaccine dose on right schedule.

Bac Giang BGG Garment Joint Stock Company in Bac Giang city currently has nearly 1,800 workers. In order to accelerate the progress not to affect the company’s production, the provincial Center for Disease Control reinforced 30 medical practitioners to complete administering approx.1,300 4th vaccine shots to all of the employees meeting conditions in just one afternoon (on June 18).


Workers, 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots, more chances, continuous protection, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, prevention and control

Fuyu Precision Component Company Limited has more than 6,000 workers provided extra vaccine shots against Covid-19.

“Covid-19 pandemic is in good control now thanks to effectiveness of the 3 vaccine doses to create community immunity. However, protective effect of the vaccines is not everlasting in our body while a number of people are too complacent and refuse the additional vaccine shots as they think they have had immunity. Thus, it is necessary to accelerate administering the 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots to prevent the risk of infection”, said Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Vice Director of the Department of Health.

Under direction of the Ministry of Health and the provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Health is actively collaborated with related units, the districts and city to provide additional Covid-19 vaccine doses to priority groups including workers.


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Workers, 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots, more chances, continuous protection, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, prevention and control
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