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Bac Giang boosts digitization to better serve people

(BGO) - At the request of the Government's Steering Committee for Administrative Reform, from June 1, all dossiers and results of administrative procedure settlement at the provincial-level one-stop-shop (OSS) units must be digitalized. To do it, the Public Administration Service Centre of Bac Giang province and related departments and agencies are focusing on implementing digital transformation.

Ranking fifth in the rate of online public services generating dossiers

According to the Department of Information and Communications, Bac Giang has many advantages to deploy on-site digitization when it is using a number of innovative and highly connected shared platforms and systems. Especially since 2019, the province has issued digital certificates for one-stop-shop officials to show their digital signatures on documents. It ranks fifth nationwide in the rate of online public services generating dossiers with 56.87%.

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A leader of the provincial Public Administration Service Center checks the scanning of documents serving digitization.

Tran Thi Xuan, Director of the Center for IT and Communications under the Department of Information and Communications said despite many advantages, to well implement digitalization, it still takes time to complete infrastructure conditions at the request of the Government.

To overcome difficulties, recently, the Department of Information and Communications has expanded the storage infrastructure from 10 MB to 100 MB on the provincial electronic OSS system to meet the needs of attaching digitized documents.

Currently, the department is urgently completing the procedure to implement a project to merge the provincial Public Service Portal and the provincial electronic OSS information system into the provincial information system for handling administrative procedures meeting the Government’s regulations on connection, integration and sharing of digitized documents. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

In order to meet infrastructure needs, over the past time, the provincial Public Administration Service Centre has installed all A4-size scanners for departments and agencies working here and guided businesses to send electronic documents to the one-stop-shop division.

The center has also cooperated with Vietcombank’s Bac Giang branch to collect non-cash fees from June 1 at the OSS divisions of 20 departments, agencies and units. In the early days of implementation, the center and the Department of Information and Communications have arranged personnel to provide direct and on-site guidance for OSS staff of departments and agencies.

Continuing to remove difficulties

In June, the provincial Public Administration Service Centre received over 20,000 dossiers, all of which were digitized. When digitized documents replace papers, information about citizens' previous administrative procedures will be stored on the cyber space, thereby facilitating data exploitation and sharing and saving money and travel time for people. However, the implementation process at the center also encountered many difficulties that need to be addressed.

In 2022, Bac Giang aims to complete the digitization of administrative procedure settlement results at least 50% at the provincial level, 40% at the district level and 35% at the commune level to ensure the connection and sharing of data in handling administrative procedures on the Internet. Therefore, at this time, agencies and units are accelerating the progress.

To complete this, Nguyen Van Duan, Director of the provincial Public Administration Service Centre, said the provincial People’s Committee has soon allocated funds to purchase machinery and equipment serving digitization such as large-size scanners and specialized machines. The Department of Information and Communications has completed the digital database and functions on the system to reduce the processing time of officials and civil servants.

The departments and agencies have increased human resources at the OSS divisions to ensure digitalization and continued to promote communications so that people understand and use online public services, make cashless payments, facilitating the storage and handling of dossiers on the cyber space.

The provincial Public Administration Service Center will send staff to support departments and agencies working here; strengthen inspection and monitoring of the implementation of digitization and promptly report to the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee to remove difficulties and obstacles, ensuring the completion of the proposed plan.

Kim Hieu - Hoai Thu
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Bac Giang province, boosts digitization, better serve people, Administrative Reform, one-stop-shop, digital transformation
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