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Bac Giang invests in preschool education at difficult area

(BGO) – Implementing preschool education development plan in 2020 – 2025 period of the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province, the quality of kindergarten education at local difficult area has positively changed.

Improving facility

The province now has 73 preschool education establishments in ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas in line with Decision No.861/QD-TTg on June 4, 2021 of the Prime Minister. In spite of living in difficult area, 99 percent of preschoolers and 20 percent of toddlers went to kindergarten.

Bac Giang province, preschool education, difficult area, quality of kindergarten education, positively changed, Improving facility,  total investment

The playtime of teacher and children in Ho Dap Kindergarten in Luc Ngan district.

There are more than 2,000 officials and teachers teaching at kindergartens in difficult areas, many of whom can speak ethnic languages.

Though Ho Dap is a specially difficult commune in Luc Ngan district with most of ethnic people, 100 percent of preschoolers and 22 percent of toddlers went to kindergarten.

Teacher Le Thi Nguyet, Headmistress of Ho Dap Kindergarten said the school now has more than 300 children at 14 groups and classes, most of whom are Nung ethnic people.

Since 2019, the center facility has been expanded up to one ha with three new spacious storeys and total investment of nearly 10 billion VND. Besides, the kindergarten has 4 satelitte schools in the villages ò Cai Can, Na Hem, Hop Thanh and Dong Phai which were upgraded to ease the children to go to school.

Not only in Luc Ngan, many kindergartens in Son Dong district received due investment to improve the quality of education. Typically, An Lac Kindergarten was constructed on an area of 10,000 square meters with total cost of over 50 billion VND. It consists of four two storey buildings, 12 classrooms, 4 sleeping rooms and 4 functional rooms.

The tools, toys and equipment are newly invested to ensure safety in line with high standard. The 3,000 square meter playground is equiped with many outdoor entertainment tools as well as fairy garden to meet children’s demand for studying and playing.

Narrowing the gap with the plain area

The Education sector evaluated that the preschool education quality in difficult area was much improved comparing to the previous years but the number of students were not high. With due attention, only 93.4 percent of the classrooms are firm, the rate of temporary classroom is high. So it is really difficult to recognize the national standard school.

Bac Giang province, preschool education, difficult area, quality of kindergarten education, positively changed, Improving facility,  total investment


A corner of An Lap Kindergatern in Vinh An commune (Son Dong district).

Besides, the tools, toys and teaching equipment are not enough, most of which were hand made by the teachers. Many outdoor toys are degraded.

Though the rate of underweight malnutrition was consideratively improved, the wasting malnutrition was still high at 21 percent. Many children are shorter than the evaluation criteria from the the National Institute of Nutrition (Ministry of Health).

The main reason was because few of children went to school. While their mothers did not fully know the child raising knowledge and paid less attention to their ration.

Besides, there was many limitation in socialization for preschool education in difficult area.

In the upcoming time, the districts will plan the network of school and class again. The small school will be expanded or moved to other location with investment to build modern and standard facilities as the key orientation.

Vice Head of Luc Ngan district Division of Education and Training Tran Thi Hanh said: “The district has invested to build new kindergartens of Nam Duong, My An, Son Hai…In the coming time, the district will start construction of Giap Son Kindergarten. The cost for building infrastructure, buying teaching equipment in 2019- 2025 period is estimated at over 418.1 billion VND in the dsitrict”.

Luc Nam district planed to build Binh Son, Nghia Phuong and Vo Tranh kindergartens.

Together with local budget, the districts take advantage of capital from national target programmes and career capital to prioritize buidling new schools and upgrading some facilities.

The investment in facility construction will be implemented synchronously with renovating the teaching and studying method, hence gradually enhancing comprehensive educational quality and narrowing the gap with the plain area.

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Bac Giang province, preschool education, difficult area, quality of kindergarten education, positively changed, Improving facility, total investment
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