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Vietnamese embassy promises birthplace confirmation for German visa

The Vietnamese embassy in Germany will issue a certificate confirming the birthplace of holders of Vietnam's new passports to get German visas.

It would be issued free of cost, the embassy website said.

Those who want the confirmation "need to ... present proof of place of birth such as a birth certificate or former passport," the announcement said.

Vietnamese embassy, birthplace confirmation, German visa, Vietnam's new passports, personal identification number

The new passport of Vietnam.

The embassy added that the two countries are "actively discussing" how to resolve the problems related to Germany's refusal to recognize the new Vietnamese passport on the grounds that it lacks information about the holder’s place of birth.

The German embassy in Hanoi said Thursday it cannot grant visas to holders of the new passports since their identities could not be verified without the place of birth.

German authorities could not find information about place of birth based solely on the personal identification number in the passport, it added.

Vietnam started issuing the new passport on July 1.

The old passport will continue to be valid until expiration.

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Source: VnExpress

Vietnamese embassy, birthplace confirmation, German visa, Vietnam's new passports, personal identification number
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