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Vietnam to secure more Moderna vaccine for children in September

More doses of Moderna vaccine against the Covid-19 pandemic will arrive in Vietnam next month to be injected to children aged from six to below 12, according to the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE).

The institute said that Vietnam is currently running short of this type of vaccine to give the second jab for children in this age group.

Vietnam, Moderna vaccine, vaccine for children, Covid-19 pandemic,  second jab, children of five to below 12 years old

Moderna vaccine.

It pointed out that many families had refused to have their children injected with the second dose, and a lot of children have to postpone the vaccination as they are sick or infected with Covid-19. Meanwhile, Moderna can only be used for a maximum of 30 days since it is defrosted. Therefore, many localities have to use this vaccine on adults.

According to the Health Ministry’s guidance, for children aged under 12, the first and second jabs must use the same vaccine.

The ministry’s statistics showed that as of August 23, the country had administered more than 255.1 million doses of vaccines, including over 14.8 million for children of five to below 12 years old.

71 percent of IP workers receive second booster of Covid-19 vaccine
(BGO) – To increase the rate of workers in the industrial parks covered with second booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine and ensure stable production, the Industrial Park Medical Center in Bac Giang province (Center) has closely cooperated with businesses to accelerate the vaccination.
Over 40 million people granted COVID-19 vaccine passports
More than 40 million people nationwide had held Covid-19 vaccine passports as of July 20, according to the Ministry of Health’s Electronic Health Administration.
Workers get 4th Covid-19 vaccine shots for more chances of continuous protection
(BGO)- Although Covid-19 has been in good control, it poses risk of emerging new variants. Thus, together with other localities, Bac Giang is accelerating administering 4th vaccine shots to priority groups including workers. This is an important solution to secure stable production and maintain the post-pandemic economic growth momentum.
143,100 adults in Bac Giang injected with fourth Covid-19 vaccine shots
(BGO) - Bac Giang on June 13 administered Covid-19 vaccine to nearly 5,400 people, including about 2,300 children aged 5 to under 12 (first and second shot) and nearly 3,100 adults aged over 18 (fourth shot).
French paper spotlights Vietnam’s African swine fever vaccine
Vietnam will contribute to preventing a disease that is very destructive to livestock, said the French daily newspaper Le Figaro regarding the Southeast Asian nation’s announcement of becoming the first in the world to successfully research and produce an African swine fever vaccine and license it for commercial circulation.

Source: NDO

Vietnam, Moderna vaccine, vaccine for children, Covid-19 pandemic, second jab, children of five to below 12 years old
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