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Northern and central provinces prepare for arrival of supertyphoon Noru

Northern and central provinces have been told to prepare for supertyphoon Noru, which is heading in a northwest direction with wind speeds of up to 183km per hour.

Thua Thien Hue Province, home to more than 2,000 fishing ships with about 11,350 fishermen, on September 25 morning banned all vessels from going to sea.

Northern and central provinces, supertyphoon Noru, northwest direction, fishing ships, ensure safety, response measures

Fishing vessels anchored in the central province of Nghe An.

The provincial port authorities are working to ensure safety for ships anchored in Thuan An and Chan May ports. The province also asked localities to assign workers to be on duty all day to monitor the typhoon’s progress and arrange any response measures.

Residents are being moved to safety, with priority given to children, the elderly, pregnant women and disabled people. There are also plans to move 26,255 households with 99,424 people in case of flooding.

The provincial Department of Industry and Trade has prepared 100 tonnes of noodles and 100 tonnes of rice to serve people in need.

The province has 56 irrigation reservoirs and 12 hydropower reservoirs with a total capacity of about two billion cubic metres. Currently, the water level in the reservoirs is safe, and the reservoirs are ready to take on flood water.

Nghe An Province has witnessed heavy rain over recent days, causing flooding of agricultural and aquatic areas, and landslides in some mountainous areas.

In Phu Yen Province, the provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has sent letters to localities and concerned organisations calling for preparations ahead of the typhoon. Heavy rain since Saturday evening submerged some low areas in Song Cau Town.

Localities have been told to closely monitor forecasts and bulletins, while keeping search and rescue forces ready for deployment.

The Phu Yen Border Guard Command said that it had 396 fishing boats with 2,377 workers. Of which 294 fishing vessels with 1,799 seamen working offshore, 102 fishing boats with 578 workers working near shore. All of them have received information about the supertyphoon.

The Quang Tri Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control said that all 2,397 boats with 6,569 crew members in the province had received information about typhoon Noru. The province has 126 dams with a total capacity of over 260 million cubic metres.

The province asked localities to reinforce houses, schools, healthcare centres, offices and ensure the power grid system’s safety in strong winds.

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Source: VNS

Northern and central provinces, supertyphoon Noru, northwest direction, fishing ships, ensure safety, response measures
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