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Students fly overseas to take IELTS exams after indefinite suspension in Vietnam

Many Vietnamese students are spending money on flying to nearby countries to take the IELTS test after it was indefinitely postponed in Vietnam.

Less than a day after all IELTS tests conducted by the only two authorized entities in Vietnam – the British Council and the IDP – were postponed without setting new dates, Tran Nhung, 19, from Da Nang City decided to register for the test in Thailand.

Students fly overseas, take IELTS exams, indefinite suspension, Vietnam, British Council, IDP, college application

Candidates take an online IELTS test in Thailand, July 2022.

"I was totally confused and felt miserable," said Nhung, recalling her reaction on reading the British Council's announcement about indefinitely postponing IELTS exams, starting November 10.

Nhung was supposed to take the test on November 19. She needs an IELTS certificate early December to complete her college application for Canada.

"It was very hard to register for the exam with the British Council, but now all my money and efforts have been wasted," Nhung said.

Seeing Nhung’s desperation, her English teacher recommended that she registers for the IELTS test on November 21 at the British Council in Thailand.

She did not hesitate and soon after registering, book an air ticket and hotel for her stay in Bangkok.

In addition to the exam fee of VND5.1 million ($205), Nhung had to pay an additional VND6 million for an air ticket and a four-day stay in Thailand.

She also had to accept losing the exam fee of VND4.6 million she had paid to the British Council in Vietnam.

"I accepted losing this money as securing a place to take the IELTS exam at this time was most important," she said.

Because the exam is taken on a computer, she will receive results in about a week, and can send the application to Canada.

Hanoi resident Thu Ngan , 22, has also registered to take the IELTS test in Thailand on December 1. She needs the certificate to do a master's degree in Australia. Ngan had an exam scheduled on November 10 with the British Council in Vietnam, but it was canceled.

She was told to have an IELTS score as soon as possible to apply for a visa.

"The waiting time for a visa is about two months. If I hesitate, I may miss the new semester, which starts in mid-February next year," Ngan said.

Nhung and Ngan are among hundreds of Vietnamese students who plan to travel abroad for taking IELTS tests following the completely unexpected postponement in Vietnam.

The postponement "until further notice" by the British Council and IDP was caused by the organizations failing to acquire their approval documents, the education ministry said, adding that the exams were not being managed properly.

The postponement of IELTS exams has caused a lot of trouble for students who’d begun filing their admission documents to study abroad.

Certain Vietnamese universities also use the IELTS scores as an admission criterion and as a graduation benchmark, so students planning to study at home were also upset.

The idea of going abroad for the IELTS exam went viral on social media soon after the postponements were announced, attracting great interest from Vietnamese students. Thailand was mentioned the most because it is the easiest country to get to, requires no visa and is already a highly popular tourist destination.

Meanwhile, many IELTS experts have urged candidates to stay calm.

The education ministry said Saturday said it would prioritize the approval for foreign language proficiency exams, especially IELTS and TOEFL, in the coming days.

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Source: VnExpress

Students fly overseas, take IELTS exams, indefinite suspension, Vietnam, British Council, IDP, college application
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