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41,500 workers lose jobs as demand, manufacturing plummet

Thousands of contracted workers have lost their jobs, mostly since the middle of this year, and hundreds of thousands of others have reduced working hours amid a demand slump.

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor said Monday those in labor-intensive businesses like textile, leather, wood, and seafood processing have been affected.

41,500 workers, lose jobs, demand and manufacturing plummet, contracted workers, reduced working hours, demand slump

People look at job postings at the Thang Long industrial park in Hanoi's Dong Anh District.

Many businesses have been seeing orders plummet as demand falls in markets like the U.S., Europe and Japan, and also face huge difficulties sourcing raw materials and from rising costs.

These have directly affected 472,000 workers, the confederation said at an online conference held to discuss the issue. Of these, 41,500 have lost their jobs.

The affected include 30,300 women aged 35 and above, and 9,400 who were either pregnant or have children aged under one.

The confederation expects the problem to continue until mid-2023.

Phan Van Anh, its deputy head, said unions should negotiate with employers to minimize job losses, especially for pregnant women and those with infants, ensure workers benefit from insurance and help people find new jobs.

Labour market in Bac Giang is thriving in year end occasion
(BGO) – Recently, many businesses have employed more human resources, making the labour market vibrant. The high increasing demand provides labour more chances to select the job with better income and welfare.        
Labour market sees fast recovery: Minister
The workforce of Vietnam has recovered quickly and the labour supply chain was not cracked down, Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung told the National Assembly (NA)’s fourth session on October 28.
Bac Giang helds regular talkshow, ensures benefit for labour
(BGO) – In the last months of this year, all levels of trade union in Bac Giang province have paid special attention to supervising the job and income of labours so as to timely detect and prevent any strike arising from conflict in labour relationship.
763 labours register to Korean exam under EPS
(BGO) – The Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) in Bac Giang province received labours’ registration to Korean examination under Employment Permist System (EPS) in second period in 2022 from October 17 – 23 at Second Facility of provincial Job Service Center (JSC) in Xuong Giang street (Bac Giang city).
Bac Giang recovers labour export in post Covid-19 period
(BGO) – Since early 2022, the labour export has rebounded in Bac Giang province after Covid-19 pandemic was well controlled. The positive signal helps solve the job, realize poverty reduction target and improve people’s income and life standard.

Source: VnExpress

41,500 workers, lose jobs, demand and manufacturing plummet, contracted workers, reduced working hours, demand slump
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