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1.43 million blood units mobilised in 2022

The entire nation mobilised and collected more than 1.43 million blood units in 2022, reaching 106% of the planned target and meeting the blood demand for medical emergencies and treatment.

The information was released on December 22, at a conference held by the national steering committee for blood donation in Hanoi.

The rate of voluntary blood donation was 99%, the population donating blood reached nearly 1.5% and the number of repeat blood donors was at 65%.

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1.43 million blood units were mobilised around the country in 2022.

With the great attention from the Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front leaders, as well as the drastic direction of the local Party committees and authorities, the steering committees for blood donation at all levels, have made efforts and proposed many creative initiatives and methods, receiving the active support from people of all classes.

The propaganda and mobilisation of voluntary blood donation have been promoted extensively through the application of information technology in communication activities.

The steering committees at all levels have organised 10,823 propaganda campaigns on voluntary blood donation, with more than 1.7 million attendees. Many communication campaigns and voluntary blood donation events have been organised creatively and successfully.

The whole country strives to receive 1.47 million blood units, with the proportion of voluntary blood donors reaching 99% in 2023.

To achieve the above goal, it is necessary to continue raising public awareness of the benefits of voluntary blood donation and the safety of blood transfusion.

At the conference, the delegates focused on assessing the current situation and identifying the difficulties, inadequacies and challenges in voluntary blood donation mobilisation, during both the current and coming time.

Bac Giang exceeds 31 percent of the blood donation target
(BGO) – The Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation in Bac Giang province and Son Dong district on August 1-2 launched blood donation festival at the cultural house in An Chau town, Tuan Dao commune (Son Dong district) to respond to 2022 Red Journey Programme.
Red Journey spreads "Connecting Vietnamese blood" message
(BGO) - On the morning of July 17, at the provincial Convention Center, the provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation launched the "Red Journey" programme in 2022 and the blood donation festival with the message "Red blood drops of love". After 10 years of responding to the cross-Vietnam blood donation campaign, the awareness of the blood donation movement to save lives among people of all strata in the province has changed positively.
Sharing drops of red blood
(BGO) - Out of the total of more than 15,000 blood units received annually and nearly 1.2 percent of the total voluntary blood donors in Bac Giang province, thousands come from reserve blood, platelet and rare blood donation clubs and teams. Without thinking about being honored or given priority, when anyone needs blood, they are ready to go, regardless of day or night, rain or shine, just hoping to save the patients’ lives.
Bac Giang honors 128 outstanding blood donors
(BGO) - The Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation (Steering Committee) in Bac Giang province on June 14 held a ceremony to honor outstanding organizations and individuals in voluntary blood donation campaign (VBDC) in 2022 so as to raise the humanitarian spirit and importance of VBDC.
Bac Giang launches Summer Red Blood Campaign
(BGO) - The Summer Red Blood Campaign and Red Journey Programme were launched on May 7 at Bac Giang Industrial Technical College to respond to 2022 Humanitarian Month by the Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation (Steering Committee) in Bac Giang province.

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1.43 million blood units, entire nation, planned target, blood demand, medical emergencies and treatment, voluntary blood donation, blood donors
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