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Communal Party chief plays leading role in advanced new-style rural building

(BGO) - After 20 years of working in Viet Lap commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang, Secretary of the communal Party Committee Giap Van Hanh followed his predecessors and quickly affirmed his own marks, turning Viet Lap into the first advanced new-style rural commune of the district which was awarded the third-class Labor Order.

Journey to earn status

Giap Van Hanh was born in 1974. From an accountant, he was elected Chairman of the communal People's Committee in 2010 before serving as Secretary of the communal Party Committee since 2015. In early 2011, when he had just assumed the position of Chairman of the communal People's Committee, he boldly proposed the district allow the commune pilot new-style rural building.

Communal Party chief, Bac Giang province, plays leading role, advanced new-style rural building, Viet Lap commune, Tan Yen district, third-class Labor Order, Zero dong site clearance

In April 2021, Viet Lap commune held a ceremony to receive the third-class Labor Order and a certificate recognizing it as an advanced new-style rural area.

Viet Lap has a large low-lying area, with only one rice crop. Turning difficulties into advantages, he and the Party Committee discussed and issued a resolution on developing rice-fish and farm models; organized trips for farmers to learn many aquatic farming models inside and outside the province.

The locality established two aquaculture cooperatives with 309 participating households on an area of 157 hectares. The commune has 25 recognized farm models, the largest number in the district, earning tens of billions of VND each year. Cages are full of pigs, fields are full of fish, and chickens and ducks are too many to count. Rarely has a livestock association established like in Viet Lap.

Another highlight bearing the imprint of Hanh is the provision of early career guidance for residents. More than ten years ago, the commune paid attention to vocational training for people through Binh Minh Vocational Training Center located in Cau Can village, bringing the rate of trained workers in the commune to more than 50%. When businesses recruited workers, many people soon got a job in industrial zones with good income.

When people have a stable income, it is convenient to mobilize people's donations for new-style rural area building. For example, the transport criterion is a bottleneck that costs the largest sum of money but it has won the most support from the locals.

At the beginning, the commune had only 2 km of concrete roads out of a total of 86 km, and the rest were dirt roads. People in Viet Lap donated a total of more than 30 hectares of land to widen the roads to 5.5m, even 7-8m in many places. In addition, people also donated land to build kindergartens, cultural houses and sports areas, helping Viet Lap step by step fulfill the new-style rural area building criteria.

With his close leadership and direction, and efforts to find out the knots that need to be removed, Viet Lap was recognized as a new-style rural commune in 2017, two years earlier than the plan.

Promoting the results achieved, Hanh continued to suggest the communal Party Committee register for advanced new-style rural area building. In 2020, the commune was the first unit of the district to achieve this goal. It has always led the district in emulation movements.

Viet Lap sets a goal of becoming the first commune in the district to meet the model rural area standards this year. Currently, six out of 13 villages have obtained the title of “cultural village”. The commune aims to build a model of culture, building Viet Lap people with aspirations to rise up, thus arousing pride and creating a motivation to strive together to make Viet Lap a worth-living land.

“Zero dong” site clearance

National Highway 17 through Viet Lap commune is 5.2 km long. Implementing a project to renovate and repair the road, 333 households in the commune have agreed to donate more than 33,000sq.m of land.

Communal Party chief, Bac Giang province, plays leading role, advanced new-style rural building, Viet Lap commune, Tan Yen district, third-class Labor Order, Zero dong site clearance

Giap Van Hanh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Viet Lap commune.

"In order to create consensus, the communal Party Committee issued a resolution on site clearance, mobilizing the whole political system to get involved in this work. The Party Committee reached high unity in leadership, direction and way of doing; and praised the example setting of Party members. It has also always sought and listened to the people’s opinions," Hanh said.

After National Highway 17 was completed ahead of the Lunar New Year 2021, road 398B has been expanded by 4.7km, involving 14.7 hectares. From experience from previous land clearance drives, as head of the communal Steering Committee for site clearance, Hanh conducted field surveys to inspect the implementation and directly meet with residents. With his simplicity, closeness and sincerity, he took many examples right in the district and commune to show people the benefits of road widening.

Most recently, when opening road PT04, setting an example, Hanh's family donated two plots with a total area of 150sq.m.

Another highlight is that the commune has completed a nearly 2km-long bypass route running through the gates of three schools, minimizing traffic congestion and accidents.

Thanks to the drastic direction and exemplary actions of the Secretary, the implementation of a series of important infrastructure projects has been accelerated, contributing to giving a facelift to the countryside and reducing traffic congestion and accidents.

Many Party members and people commented: “With his closeness and attachment to the people, the head of the communal Party Committee has showed his flexibility, creativity and experience in mass mobilization. As a result, local movements have received warm response from Party members and the masses. More importantly, he has set an example for Party members and people to follow.

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Communal Party chief, Bac Giang province, plays leading role, advanced new-style rural building, Viet Lap commune, Tan Yen district, third-class Labor Order, Zero dong site clearance
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