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Workers in boarding houses welcome Tet

(BGO)- These days, Tet festivive atmosphere is spreading everywhere. In the workers’ rented accommodations in the northern province of Bac Giang, the house owners and lodgers who will stay during Tet are preparing for a new year while many of them still worry about earning for living.

Feelings of those who stay and those who go home on Tet

After sweeping his ground and setting up some plastic tables and chairs, Dao Ngoc Minh, a landlord in Song Khe 1 village, Song Khe commune, Bac Giang city and some workers sat for tea and talking about Tet.

Workers in boarding houses, welcome Tet, Bac Giang province, Tet festivive atmosphere, stay during Tet, industrial park, global economic crisis, bonus and allowance policies

Young workers in Quang Chau commune, Viet Yen district make banh chung at the 2023 “Tet reunion- spring of cohesion” programme.

Hoang Van Phuong (born in 1985) of Nung ethic group in Huu Lung district, Lang Son province has lived with his family for nearly 5 years. His wife and he are workers at Seojin Vietnam Company Limited in Song Khe – Noi Hoang industrial park.

The company’s workers sometimes had to rotationally suspend their work due to decreased orders; however, his wife and he have continuously worked overtime ahead Tet. Thus, their income in the final months of the year is better, about 9 million VND (384 USD) per each. They planned to return Lang Son to celebrate Tet with their family on 29th lunar December when the company allows them for Tet leave.

According to a report by the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, about 12 enterprises faced difficulties in the end of 2022 due to inflation and global economic crisis affecting jobs and incomes of nearly 3,500 workers.

The rented house of Lang Thi Hiep (from Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province) in Nui Hieu village, Quang Chau commune, Viet Yen district is still old as it is without any flowers or decorative for Tet festival.

She told her husband and she have worked in Bac Giang for nearly 3 years. The orders reduced due to impact of the pandemic causing a decrease in their income, thus all of their expenses must be saved.

“Although we miss our family and children so much, we decided not to go home on Tet to save money. Based on information by some neighbour, we will seek for seasonal jobs on coming holidays to earn more money and ease homesick”, said Hiep.

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After 2 years affected by Covid-19, this year everyone wants to return their hometowns to visit their relatives. This year, workers are allowed for Tet leave earlier than previous years because production and business activities of many enterprises declined.


Workers in boarding houses, welcome Tet, Bac Giang province, Tet festivive atmosphere, stay during Tet, industrial park, global economic crisis, bonus and allowance policies

Dao Manh Tien gives Tet gifts to the workers living in the boarding house.

“We directed the communes and towns around the industrial parks to check up the number of workers working far from home who will stay during Tet to recommend appropriate support plans. However, according to the initial report, not many workers will stay on Tet”, according to Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the Confederation of Labour of Viet Yen district.

Whether the workers will return home to celebrate Tet with their family or stay at the boarding houses, they will receive warm sharing by the house owners and local government.

On 28th or 29th lunar December every year, Than Thi Vu in My Dien 1 residential group, Nenh town, Viet Yen district makes banh chung for her family and workers renting her houses. This year, only 3 people in her 35-room boarding houses stay on Tet, thus she will give each of them a couple of banh chung.

There was delighted laughter in Dao Manh Tien’s boarding house in Song Khe 2 village, Song Khe commune. The workers and house owners were decorating the gates, hanging lanterns and cleaning the corridor to welcome Tet.

According to Tran Van Ha, Vice Director of the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the percentage of workers coming back for work in the industrial parks and clusters in the province right after Tet in recent years has reached 95 percent or higher.

This result has been gained thanks to salary, bonus and allowance policies of the enterprises in line with the warm affection and sharing of Bac Giang people, which is one of the reasons to retain employees.

There will be several enterprises influenced by global economic crisis in the first quarter 2023. Thus, the Department will continue to review and grasp production and business situation of the enterprises while collaborating with related agencies to solve arising problems and ensure legal rights of labourers.

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Bac Giang farm produce sold out on Tet occasion
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Bac Giang delegates visit and extend Tet greetings to Bac Ninh and Vietnam Buddhist Shangha
(BGO) – On January 11, a delegation of Bac Giang province led by Duong Van Thai, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee (PPC) and head of the provincial delegation of National Assembly deputies visited and extended Tet greetings to Bac Ninh province.
Bac Giang businesses work to ensure warm Tet for workers
(BGO) – Despite facing many difficulties due to the lack of orders and affected production activities, many enterprises in Bac Giang province have made efforts to ensure adequate salaries and bonuses, and organize many activities to support workers, especially those from other provinces. This attention has warmed up the hearts of workers who live away from home whenever the Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday comes.
Good deed for the poor in Bac Giang on Tet occasion
(BGO) – On January 3, Member of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Fatherland Front’s Committee in Bac Giang province Tran Cong Thang visited to extend Tet gifts and greetings to the poor in Lang Giang district.
Bac Giang launches various activities to care for Tet of workers
(BGO) – Responding to the plan to care for trade unionists and labours on Lunar New Year 2023 and organize programme “Reunited Tet holiday and spring” launched by the Labour Confederation in Bac Giang province, the Trade Union at the provincial industrial park and grassroots trade union cooperated with businesses to hold many activities to care for Tet of workers.

Workers in boarding houses, welcome Tet, Bac Giang province, Tet festivive atmosphere, stay during Tet, industrial park, global economic crisis, bonus and allowance policies
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