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Bac Giang elite citizen Hoang Thanh Huyen inspires the youth

(BGO)- We met Hoang Thanh Huyen, born in Kim Bang village, An Lac commune, Son Dong district, a Bac Giang outstanding citizen in a cold day at the end of 2022 in a small alley on Lang street, Hanoi city.  

Looking at this small and simple girl, no one thinks Hoang Thanh Huyen has such admirable studying achievements. When we talked to her, we found an intelligent and energetic girl behind her simple appearance, who has overcome difficulties to gain success and create good impact on many young people.

Bac Giang province, elite citizen, Hoang Thanh Huyen, inspires the youth, small and simple girl, admirable studying achievements, high mountainous district, youngest individual

10 outstanding Bac Giang citizens in 2022 (Hoang Thanh Huyen, fourth from right).

From her story, we knew Huyen is studying at the Faculty of Foreign Economic Relations, Hanoi Foreign Trade University.

“Although I have got familiar to studying far from home since I was at grade 10, I still felt worried and strange when I first came to Hanoi”.

Huyen is the eldest daughter in a family of 3 children. Her parents are teachers, thus she has been educated to be independent and studious since she was a small child. Thus, she strived to pass the exam into the Bac Giang High School for gifted students. At that time, Huyen was the only ethnic minority student (Tay ethnic group) in the high mountainous district of Son Dong was accepted to study in the best high school in the province’s educational sector.

Huyen started learning Chinese language at Bac Giang High School for gifted students, when she was at grade 10.

“At the very beginning, I thought Chinese was a new subject, thus all students might be at the starting point and we must try our best to gain success. On studying, I found this subject really difficult in pronunciation, writing and memorizing characters. However, I adopted a methodology that I spent more time and efforts for which part I was weak at and then my study result was gradually improved. Besides, I only studied when I felt comfortable and spent time to relax if I felt tired or stressed”, Huyen shared about her learning secret.

The more she studied, the more she was attracted by Chinese subject. In addition, Huyen received dedicated instruction by her teacher with vocabulary learning and pronunciation practicing methods. Huyen spent much time on speaking, reading and learning vocabulary for comprehensive understanding about this language. Besides, she also spent time studying about the culture and development of China through newspaper, books, novels and social networks.

Thanks to her ceaseless efforts, Hoang Thanh Huyen has reaped consecutive success in studying, particularly the second prize at the 2021-2022 provincial contest for excellent Chinese language students and first prize at the national excellent student contest in 2022.

Huyen is not only intelligent, modest and hard working but she also proactively takes part in activities of her school and class, thus she inspires many people around her.

Particularly, An Lac commune collaborated with An Lac primary school to organize an honouring ceremony and exchange between Hoang Thanh Huyen and primary and secondary students in the commune on May 9, 2022.

“At the exchange, I motivated the students to try their best to overcome all difficulties to pursue studying while sharing my experience to help them improve their study”, said Huyen.

Bac Giang province, elite citizen, Hoang Thanh Huyen, inspires the youth, small and simple girl, admirable studying achievements, high mountainous district, youngest individual

Hoang Thanh Huyen.

Previously, Huyen was honoured to be chosen class leader during 3 years studying at Bac Giang High School for gifted students. In addition, Huyen was head of the Music Club, member of the Little Reporter Club of Bac Giang High School for gifted students and an enthusiastic MC for many programmes and events of the school.

Although she is a newbie at the Faculty of Foreign Economic Relations of a top-ranking university in Vietnam, where everything seems to be new to her, Huyen has soon caught up with the friends from many other provinces and cities. She also applied to take part in the learning and cultural clubs. Specially, she continues to spend time enriching her Chinese knowledge for her study and researching purposes and future career.

In any environment, the little girl Hoang Thanh Huyen is energetic, dedicated and inspiring her friends in studying. With her great efforts in study, active engagement in the activities of the school and class and her influence in the community, Hoang Thanh Huyen was the youngest individual bestowed the title Bac Giang outstanding citizen in 2022 by Chairman of the provincial People Committee.


Thanh Xuan
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Bac Giang province, elite citizen, Hoang Thanh Huyen, inspires the youth, small and simple girl, admirable studying achievements, high mountainous district, youngest individual
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