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Google Doodle honors first female Vietnamese newspaper editor

The world’s most popular search engine Google paid tribute to Suong Nguyet Anh, the first female editor of the first women’s newspaper in Vietnam by posting a drawing of her on its homepage on February 1.

On this day in 1918, the first publication of “Nu Gioi Chung” (Women's Bell) newspaper, where Nguyet Anh was editor in chief, was published.

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The drawing of Nguyet Anh on Google Doodle.

The drawing of Nguyet Anh on Google Doodle was illustrated by Hanoi-based guest artist Camelia Pham. In honor of one of her most popular poems based around apricot blossoms, the Doodle artwork incorporates apricot blossoms and an apricot color palette.

Nguyet Anh was born on March 8, 1864, in An Binh Dong village of southern Ben Tre province. She became the country’s first female editor in chief when she started writing for “Nu Gioi Chung” newspaper in Saigon. Many of the newspaper’s issues focused on women’s roles in Vietnamese culture and society.

Suong Nguyet Anh is best remembered for her bright mind and personality, as well as her resilience through adversity. She served as a pioneer for women writers and editors in the country whilst paving the way for generations to come.

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Source: VNA

Google Doodle,Suong Nguyet Anh,Women's Bell Newspaper,Popular Poems,Doodle Artwork,Vietnamese Culture
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