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Bac Giang trade unions at all levels care for female workers

(BGO) - Currently, female employees make up the majority in enterprises. The development and improvement of the operational efficiency of boards for women affairs in businesses is a key task of trade unions at all levels in Bac Giang province in order to ensure the interests and welfare of female members.

Overcoming difficulties in performing tasks

Currently, the enterprise sector has 649 grassroots-level trade unions with 219,900 members, including 186,200 women, accounting for 68.9%. Of them, 398 have set up a board for women affairs, with all female officers doing the work as a part-time job.

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Health examination and counseling for female workers of OneChang Vina Co., Ltd.

Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, deputy head of the board for information-training and women affairs under the provincial Labor Federation, said that overcoming difficulties in performing the part-time job, and make regular contacts to grasp the thoughts of female workers, the board members have given advice on many specific and practical actions.

Yamashita Vietnam Co., Ltd – a wholly Japanese-invested enterprise in the Song Khe - Noi Hoang Industrial Park has more than 400 workers, of whom female employees account for nearly 80%. Although there are only five members, over the past time, the board for women affairs has always actively advised the executive committee of the trade union and leaders of the company to give priority to female employees who are pregnant and raising children under 12 months old.

Despite taking the work as a part-time job, the members of the board for women affairs at OneChang Vina Co., Ltd. in Bac Giang city have a creative way to take care of trade union members. Every month, through the mailboxes located at the production teams, they promptly capture and report the thoughts and aspirations of the employees to the business leaders. Then they propose supplementing new terms more beneficial to workers in general and female workers in particular in the collective labor agreement.

Promoting communication work, paying attention to welfare

The provincial Labor Federation has always determined that the establishment of boards for women affairs in enterprises is one of its key tasks. In enterprises, the board coordinates with the executive committee of the trade union to develop monthly and quarterly work programs and regulations on coordination with the board of directors, and then propose appropriate policies to ensure legitimate rights and better welfare for female workers.

Along with giving gifts, providing financial support to build "trade union houses" for disadvantaged trade union members, and organizing exchange activities, boards for women affairs in enterprises have always renovated their activities, focusing on improving awareness and legal knowledge for women laborers. The main topics are gender equality, population, family planning, and reproductive health care.

Trade unions at all levels have so far maintained 35 models in enterprises, attracting nearly 2,000 members with female workers as a core force. More than 25,000 female trade union members have received free medical check-ups, consultations, and medicine; while 40 milking and milk storage cabins have been installed and maintained, helping women with small babies feel more secure to work.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Vice President of the provincial Labor Federation, said that besides the achieved results, the quality and effectiveness of activities for women of trade unions at all levels, especially grassroots-level trade unions in enterprises, remain limited. Therefore, the establishment, strengthening and improving the efficiency of the boards for women affairs of the trade unions in enterprises is one of the four main tasks to be implemented by trade unions at all levels in 2023.

To accomplish this tasks, trade unions at all levels will focus on disseminating the Party's viewpoints and goals on women work in the new situation; well performing the task of taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of trade union members, especially female workers; coordinating with relevant agencies to strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of policies towards female workers.

They will promote the emulation movement "Be good at both national affairs and housework" in association with the movement "Women actively study and work creatively" to encourage female workers to promote their roles and contribute to the development of their agencies, units and enterprises.

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Bac Giang province, trade unions, all levels, female workers, operational efficiency, key task, interests and welfare, performing tasks
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