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Bac Giang raises "quality" of guest workers

(BGO) - For the sake of poverty reduction, improving the training quality of vocational skills, foreign languages and laws, and prioritizing high-income markets are new requirements in labor export in Bac Giang province.

90% of workers sent abroad hold high school degree

Over the past years, the sending of workers and experts to work abroad has seen great progress in both quantity and quality. In 2022, Bac Giang province created new jobs for 33,600 people, reaching 105% of the yearly plan. Of them, 1,880 were exported or 125.3% of the yearly target.

Bac Giang province, raises quality, guest workers, poverty reduction, vocational skills, foreign languages, high-income markets, labor export

A vocational skills class at ICO International Joint Stock Company.

With many years of experience in sending workers to work abroad, Khuong Ngoc Quynh, Deputy General Director of Bac Giang branch of Hanoi-based An Duong Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company - one of 20 enterprises licensed to send workers abroad in Bac Giang, said that the company strives to send 1,000 workers to work in Japan and the Republic of Korea each year.

However, about 90% of guest workers currently are low-skilled ones, just graduating from high school and working in the fields of industry, construction and agricultural production. The rate of high-level technical workers and experts is not more than 10%.

According to Vu Tri Bang, deputy head of the Division of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Luc Ngan district, migrant laborers mainly work as domestic workers in Taiwan, farmers in the RoK, and printing workers in Japan. As unskilled workers, after their contracts expire, it is very difficult for them to find a job.

Promoting labor export linkages and consultations in vocational schools

In 2023, the province set out a plan to create jobs for 32,500 workers, with 1,650 to be sent to work abroad. Hoang Van Thang, head of the Labor - Employment Division under the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, said that the provincial Steering Committee for vocational education and job creation has paid attention to groups capable of capturing skills, technology and foreign management mindsets such as students and trainees of vocational schools.

Bac Giang province, raises quality, guest workers, poverty reduction, vocational skills, foreign languages, high-income markets, labor export

A foreign language class for workers wishing to work abroad at An Duong Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

In order to improve the quality of guest workers, besides exploiting and expanding markets and occupations, the leadership of ICO International Joint Stock Company in Bac Giang city has also given priority to connecting with vocational schools. Being fully equipped with necessary professional skills before leaving the country will help guest workers easily adapt to the host countries’ conditions and do their jobs in the long term, meeting the strict requirements of enterprises in the host countries.

With the strategy of exploiting the Taiwanese and Japanese markets, the TIC International Joint Stock Company’s Bac Giang branch is currently training foreign languages and skills for about 200 workers who have labor export needs, mainly in industries such as mechanical assembly, construction, semi-automatic welding, and food processing. Exploiting high-quality orders that require skilled labor, the unit has cooperated with the provincial Employment Service Center to connect with a number of vocational colleges in the province to offer consultations and introduce attractive job opportunities abroad for students after graduation.

According to Tran Van Ha, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the strategic solution to accomplish this goal is to promote information dissemination and raise awareness among workers about the benefits of having high qualifications while working overseas, thus making them actively study to improve their qualifications, vocational skills and foreign languages.

The department will continue to advise the provincial People's Committee to allocate resources to invest in facilities at schools and vocational education institutions, focusing on developing key occupations to meet the requirements of foreign enterprises. It will survey the employment needs of workers to coordinate with labor export enterprises to offer consultations, helping workers choose jobs suitable to their age and qualifications.


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Bac Giang province, raises quality, guest workers, poverty reduction, vocational skills, foreign languages, high-income markets, labor export
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