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Prime Minister calls on youth to play pioneering role

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh asked the youth of Vietnam to play a pioneering role while chairing a hybrid dialogue with young people nationwide on March 22.

The dialogue focused on three topics: education and training for the building of high-quality young human resources meeting requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, improving physical health and the cultural and spiritual life of the youth, and creating an environment for the young to make self-improvement, start careers, and innovate.

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PM Pham Minh Chinh presents flowers to congratulte the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on its 92nd anniversary at the dialogue on March 22.

In his message to over 20 million young Vietnamese people both at home and abroad, PM Chinh affirmed that the Party and State always attach importance to the youth’s role in national development and safeguarding, and that throughout history, the youth have always played a crucial part as late President Ho Chi Minh said young people are future masters of the country, and whether or not the country is prosperous, it depends on the youth.

The Party and State have always upheld their sense of responsibility towards the youth while the Government, ministries, and sectors have also maintained dialogue to encourage young people to make tireless dedications. President Ho Chi Minh and generations of Party and State leaders have also put their trust in and expectations for the young to contribute to their hometowns, the country, and the Party’s revolution.

PM Chinh called on the Vietnamese youth to pioneer in learning, making self-improvement, improving their mettle and will; working, doing business, making innovation in the Industry 4.0 era; safeguarding national independence, socialism, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; and promoting integration into the world so that international friends can see that young Vietnamese do not fare worse than any others in terms of wisdom, virtues, sentiment, and sincerity.

He also appealed to the young to take the initiative in fighting corruption, negative phenomena, as well as hostile forces, especially harmful information and distortions against the Party, State, and achievements of the regime.

The Government leader asked the youth to work towards the goal of building socialism and moving forwards; be responsible towards themselves, their families, and the society; and make wholehearted dedications for the sake of a powerful and prosperous nation along with wealthy and happy people.

At the event, PM Chinh extended the best greetings to young people nationwide on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26, 1931 - 2023).

He also presented awards to the 10 outstanding young Vietnamese and the 10 promising young Vietnamese in 2022.

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The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Central Committee launched the ‘Youth Day for Action’ programme in Hanoi on December 17 to celebrate the success of its 12th National Congress.
Party leader requires youths nationwide to promote pioneering role
The Party and State always treasure and highly value the role and position of the youth, considering them a big social force, a mainstay and a future owner of the country, and one of the factors determining the success of the national industrialisation, modernisation, international integration, and socialism building.
Two groups of Bac Giang inventors honored at “National Creative Youth Festival”
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10 million young people benefited from project on improving English competence for Vietnamese youth
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Source: VnExpress

Prime Minister, calls on youth, play pioneering role, hybrid dialogue, young people nationwide, high-quality young human resources, cultural and spiritual life
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