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Bac Giang to complete infrastructure, effectively utilize digital applications

(BGO)- 2023 is defined as the year of national digital data by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Accordingly, Bac Giang province has been promoting digitalization of essential data to create a breakthrough platform in safe management as well as serving people and enterprises in the province.

The provincial Department of Justice is evaluated one of the leading agency in data digitization and providing essential public services. In 2021 and 2022, the Department digitalized approximately 1.3 million dossiers of civil status information in the entire province and it is currently digitalizing nearly 500,000 information dossiers. Thus, digitalization of civil status books in Bac Giang province will be finished in 2023, ahead the schedule regulated by the Government (before January 1, 2025).

Bac Giang province, complete infrastructure, effectively utilize digital applications, national digital data, breakthrough platform, safe management, national digital platforms

The public official of justice and civil status at the one stop shop of Canh Thuy commune, Yen Dung district guides the locals to handle administrative procedures.

The Department of Justice has implemented 4 essential public services integrating and sharing the national population database with the national public service portal and the provincial public service portal which are the procedures for birth declaration, death declaration, marriage registration and issuance of criminal record certificate. 

Thanks to boosted advocacy and guidance to the citizens, receiving and handling the procedures online has gained positive results. In the first quarter 2023, the units received and proceeded online with 6,106 dossiers for birth declaration (82 percent), 2,304 dossiers for death declaration (73 percent) and 2,572 dossiers for marriage registration (75 percent).

Bac Giang province was selected to participate in the “Improved Land Governance and Database” (VILG) project in 2017 using loans from the World Bank. To date, the Land Registration Office (under the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment) has inspected, accepted, signed into digital cadastral books and integrated into the software more than 300,000 land parcels in 6 districts of Viet Yen, Tan Yen, Lang Giang, Yen The and Luc Nam.

According to Nguyen Gia Phong, Vice Director of the Department of Information and Communication, Bac Giang province has concentrated on development of essential database, digital infrastructure and digital applications and service, gaining dramatic results. Currently, the Local Government Service Platform (LGSP) has been integrated into the national database platform with 13 services connected to the central ministries and agencies while 2 services are provincially connected through LGSP. 

15 national digital platforms have been launched in the province. The provincial digital database has been run since October 2022 and 6 groups of shared database have been established. The rate of online and digitalized dossiers at the all-level one stop shops in the province is high. Recently, the Department issued a written guidance for the levels and sectors to establish, connect and synchronize the shared database and effectively apply the digital platforms and services.

According the plan by the Ministry of Information and Communication, the year of national digital data will focus on 4 main contents, which are developing open data and database, promoting the use of digital platforms, improving data administration capacity and ensuring data security.

Following the above contents, Bac Giang province will continue implementing comprehensive digital transformation in all sectors in 2023. Particularly, the province will focus on upgrading and completing digital infrastructure, developing and maintaining efficiency of the platforms, applications, database and digital services.

Of which, they will pay attention to digitalizing the database, inheriting and utilizing the database invested and upgraded by the Government while developing the shared database of the sectors and agencies in the province conforming to the provincial e-government structure.

This time, the related departments and agencies in the province are preparing for upgrading and connecting the province’s software to the national database to facilitate the people and enterprises in accessing and exploiting information connected to the national digital data portal.


Vy Nguyen
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Bac Giang province, complete infrastructure, effectively utilize digital applications, national digital data, breakthrough platform, safe management, national digital platforms
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