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Bac Giang determines to prevent Covid-19 resurgence

(BGO)- Facing new developments of Covid-19 in some countries and spike in Covid-19 cases nationwide, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) has issued a directive to continue keeping a close watch on the pandemic situation and attempt to prevent resurgence of the pandemic in the locality.

The PPC Chairman ordered to closely supervise the Covid-19 situation and other infectious diseases worldwide, nationwide and in the province to analyse the situations and risks.

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Administering Covid-19 vaccines to the workers of Fuyu Precision Component Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park.

Besides, he directed the related units to implement measures to fight against Covid-19 and other diseases. It is required to strengthen supervision and timely detect and contain the outbreaks to prevent infection and spreading in the community. Covid-19 vaccination needs to be continued in the province. It is essential to better separating, accepting, giving first aid services, isolating, diagnosing, caring and treating the infected cases.

It is required to boost supervision at the medical facilities to prevent cross-infection and spreading in the community.

The provincial Industrial Zones Authority is urged to direct enterprises to regularly review to provide Covid-19 vaccine boosters for workers and labourers in the industrial parks, especially newly employed workers who have not received enough Covid-19 vaccine shots.

People’s committees of the districts and city need to improve their responsibilities, take initiative and regularly analyse risks for timely and active response to arising Covid-19 situations and other infectious diseases.

The related departments, agencies and unions of the province are requested to communicate to all public officials and employees about the epidemic situation to effectively implement preventive measures against the infectious diseases.

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Bac Giang province, prevent Covid-19 resurgence, Covid-19 pandemic, keeping a close watch, pandemic situation, infectious diseases
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