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Vietnamese scientists manufacture intelligent humanoid robot

Dr. Ngo Manh Tien and his colleagues at the Institute of Physics under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have successfully manufactured an intelligent humanoid robot IVASTBot, opening up research and robot application in communication.

To master the technology of designing and manufacturing the robot, his team has combined multi-disciplinary technologies in a harmonious way, such as precision mechanics, electronics, embedded technology, optoelectronics and image processing, and information technology. The team has also incorporated some new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), big data, autonomous robot technology, and 3D-printing technology.

Vietnamese scientists, intelligent humanoid robot, robot application, multi-disciplinary technologies, information technology, high-performance processor

Dr. Ngo Manh Tien and his colleagues introduce the robot.

In particular, the team has researched new algorithms which are embedded in the NVIDIA Jetson TX2's dedicated high-performance processor that makes the robot move autonomously and intelligently.

IVASTBot is 160cm tall, weighs 50kg, and has a base measuring 50cm x 50cm. The robot's arm has three degrees of freedom (DOF) and a wrist joint, while its torso has two DOF. The base is equipped with four DC Servo motors and four directional wheels for multi-directional movement.

The robot's head has 2-axis movement and is equipped with a camera for image recognition during human interaction. The body structure is made of an inox frame, aluminum alloy for load-bearing support, and 3D-printed plastic. A TouchScreen display is installed on the robot's chest for user interaction. The robot operates on a lithium battery and a rechargeable battery with a maximum operation time of four hours.

According to Tien, IVASTBot has autonomous feature, obstacle avoidance ability, and basic communication skills in Vietnamese with simple sentences. It can also answer more complex questions when connected to Google Server API.

The robot can provide information from a pre-existing database, recognise and store data from human interactions, and perform appropriate communication actions in context, he added.

This humanoid intelligent robot can be applied in various fields. It can serve as a receptionist; welcome guests and communicate with guests at agencies and offices; serve at restaurants and hotels; and work as medical staff, tour guides, support staff at banks and airports, and rescuers.

Tien said his team will do more research and upgrade some features of the product to make it more and more user-friendly.

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Source: VNA

Vietnamese scientists, intelligent humanoid robot, robot application, multi-disciplinary technologies, information technology, high-performance processor
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