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Bac Giang mobilizes sources to build smart school

(BGO) - Education and Training is one of 7 fields that Bac Giang province has prioritized in digital transformation. Many localities have paid attention to investing in infrastructure and digital platforms to build smart schools and classrooms.

Since academic year 2021-2022, Bac Giang has piloted to build smart schools and classrooms at Luc Nam High School, Viet Tien Secondary School (Viet Yen district) and Tam Hiep Secondary School (Yen The district). Up to now, not only the piloted models but also all educational institutions in the province have gradually realized model of smart schools and smart classrooms.

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Tan My Primary School in Bac Giang city applies information technology in teaching and studying activities.

The investment in facilities and digital infrastructure platforms has been promoted.

Currently, all classrooms in Luc Nam High School are equipped with large screen televisions, interactive touch screens, computers with Internet. The school installed surveillance cameras, face recognition machines in the corridor of classrooms. There is also a computer room with 45 laptops with Internet, an online meeting room with full audio equipment, camera and microphone.

Since then teachers have actively researched and applied online teaching platforms such as K12 online, OLM.VN, Azota with maximum use of devices such as computers, televisions and the Internet in the classroom, helping improve the efficiency of direct lesson.

Acknowledging the benefits of digital transformation, in 2021-2022 school year, Bac Giang City piloted to use smart system of school management and face recognition by AI camera to call over students at all levels of local kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

According to Do Van Quy, Head of the municipal Division of Education and Training, after reviewing the facilities and information technology infrastructure, the Division piloted each software in different phases. So far, all public schools have applied the system, helping facilitate the educational management of Bac Giang city and the teaching and learning activities of teachers and students.

Implementing the digital transformation program, the education and training sector has invested in facilities to build spacious and modern schools and classrooms.

The whole sector has more than 20,000 computers for management, teaching and learning activities. All educational institutions are connected to high-speed fiber-optic Internet and nearly 87 percent of classrooms are equipped with televisions and smart devices.

Bac Giang province, mobilizes sources, build smart school, Education and Training, digital transformation,  educational institutions, surveillance cameras, face recognition machines

Students at Nguyen Khac Nhu Secondary School in Bac Giang city make roll call by face recognition camera.

With more than 1,200 online classrooms, many training courses, professional activities, contests for good teachers at all levels have been exploited and shared among administrators and teachers. For the past two academic years, the sector has conducted English proficiency survey for more than 70,000 turns of 9th and 12th graders in the province on the platform

Ta Viet Hung, Director of the Department of Education and Training said: “The Covid-19 outbreak had a great impact on all aspects of social life, including the education and training sector in Bac Giang in the last three years. These difficulties were an opportunity for the whole sector to review and assess the capacity and readiness to apply information technology and digital transformation. Particularly, the construction of smart classrooms and schools helped continue the educational activities of the whole sector”.

To catch up with the trend, the Department of Education and Training directed units to review and expand models of smart classroom and school at several qualified educational institutions in order to further evaluate its effectiveness before widely applying in all levels of school.

Khoi Nguyen – Hai Van
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Bac Giang province, mobilizes sources, build smart school, Education and Training, digital transformation, educational institutions, surveillance cameras, face recognition machines
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