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Opening pathway for poverty alleviation

BAC GIANG - As defining construction of traffic infrastructure a key to boost socio-economic development and leverage rapid and sustainable poverty reduction, the localities in the province have reinforced resources to invest in upgrading or opening new traffic routes in recent years.

Particularly, the locals in Phuc Son commune, Son Dong district have recently enjoyed favourable traffic conditions thanks to the province’s rural road concreting policy. Many roads have been concreted such as the route from Hau village to Dong Cao plateau while a number of low-water bridges crossing the streams have been built.

Opening pathway, poverty alleviation, Bac Giang province, traffic infrastructure, boost socio-economic development

The axis road in Dong Huu commune, Yen The district from the bird’s eye view.

Similarly, Yen The district combined fund resources with nearly 320 billion VND (13.2 million USD) in 2022 to concrete the village and communal axis roads.

“In line with funding, the district has directed the competent divisions, sectors and people’s committee of the communes to focus on advocacy and mobilizing people to contribute to lengthening and widening the routes. Thanks to this method, the district has concreted 878 km of roads in the first half of the tenure”, said Nguyen Ngoc Son, Chairman of the district people’s committee.

Several concreted roads have facilitated the people’s travelling and consumption of farm produce such as the concreted roads in the mountainous villages of La Lanh and La Xa, Dong Vuong commune, the concreted roads low-water bridges in Dong An village and concreted roads in Goc Bong village, Dong Tien commune.

With the principle “The state and people work together”, the province has mobilized some 4 trillion VND (165 million USD) for construction of roads in the first half of the tenure, including 1.7 trillion VND (70 million USD) donated by the people when more than 4,200 km of rural traffic roads have been concreted. 

Traffic development has fostered circulation of goods and helped to improve the people’s living standard. Poverty has been gradually erased and replaced with prosperity.

According to Truong Duc Huan, Vice Director of the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, investment in construction of rural traffic roads is one of the significant policies for socio-economic development and improving the people’s living standard. It is also a good condition for convenient circulation of goods of the people in rural, mountainous and disadvantaged areas.

The Department timely recommends the provincial annual plan on implementing poverty reduction. Based on the factual situation of the localities and allocated budget, the Department will closely collaborate with related departments, sectors and localities to accelerate and inspect use of the resources while encouraging combination of the supporting resources and resources mobilized from the society with a priority for traffic infrastructure and irrigation to facilitate development of production models.

Thuy Binh
Good deed for the poor in Bac Giang on Tet occasion
(BGO) – On January 3, Member of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Fatherland Front’s Committee in Bac Giang province Tran Cong Thang visited to extend Tet gifts and greetings to the poor in Lang Giang district.
Bac Giang receives 2.4 billion VND as Tet gift for the poor in Son Dong
(BGO) – On December 27, the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) received donation for Tet gift to the poor in Son Dong district from businesses operating at the provincial industrial parks.
Hiep Hoa district launches Van Banh Chung festival and Tet for the poor
(BGO) – On December 18, the People’s Committee in Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province), the district Fatherland Front’s Committee and organization co-hosted  Van Banh Chung festival, Reunited Tet holiday and event to introduce outstanding rural products as well as lanched movement “Tet for the poor” in 2023.
Good deed of women entrepreneurs in Luc river for the poor
(BGO) – Luc Nam district is the first localities in Bac Giang province to establish district Women Entrepreneur Club (nowadays Women Entrepreneur Division) since 2002. For 20 years, it has been a shared home to connect members who are good at production, business and active in charity for the community.
Tet gifts to all poor households in Bac Giang province
(BGO) – Responding to the campaign “Tet for the poor in 2023”, Bac Giang province has received more than 63,000 gifts totally worth over 38 billion VND (1.6 million USD), reported the provincial Fatherland Front’s Committee (FFC).      

Opening pathway, poverty alleviation, Bac Giang province, traffic infrastructure, boost socio-economic development
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