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Plan approved to develop National Data Centre

The Government on October 30 approved a development plan on the National Data Centre, expected to help Vietnam reach higher positions in the global e-Government, information technology, and cybersecurity rankings.

The National Data Centre, to be built, managed, exploited and run by the Government, will integrate, synchronise, store, share, analyse, exploit, and coordinate data of state agencies in line with legal regulations to create a data warehouse on people and another gathering data from national databases.

National Data Centre, global e-Government, information technology, cybersecurity rankings, higher positions, information technology infrastructure

The National Data Centre will be built, managed, exploited and run by the Government.

Data at this centre will form the core base for supplying data-related services, helping with policy making, facilitating development, and contributing to the digital government, society and economy building and defence - security safeguarding. The centre will provide information technology infrastructure for socio-political organisations, national databases, and the agencies with data demand.

Besides, it will use collected and synchronised data to simplify administrative procedures, improve state agencies’ services for people and businesses, and conduct in-depth analyses to assist the Government in management and issuance of social security policies, including those on insurance, health care and education, to help foster social development and progress.

Once put into use, the National Data Centre is expected to be a prerequisite for boosting the capitalisation of national databases to serve socio-economic development and help Vietnam further integrate into the global digital economy.

From 2025, the centre will serve as a place for connecting with international partners to share information, research and develop development strategies, and support the development and application of science and technology.

By 2030, the National Data Centre will be completed to perform its role in storing data of national databases, and connecting specialised databases, information systems of Vietnam and other countries’ governments to serve activities on the cyberspace and guarantee Vietnam’s legitimate interests.

By 2030, over 90% of administrative activities in exchanging information among state agencies will be replaced by sharing digital data from the centre’s data warehouses, according to the plan.

The plan targets that by 2030, Vietnam will be one of the top 50 countries in the E-Government Development Index rankings, the top 30 in the ICT Development Index, and the top 30 in the Global Cybersecurity Index.

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Source: VNA

National Data Centre, global e-Government, information technology, cybersecurity rankings, higher positions, information technology infrastructure
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