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Bayer, Vietnam National Heart Association improve cardiovascular treatment

Bayer Vietnam and the Vietnam National Heart Association have established a strategic partnership to address the challenges and improve the management of cardiovascular diseases in Vietnam.

The collaboration aims to enhance medical knowledge, clinical skills, and patient care outcomes, particularly in relation to thrombosis-related diseases such as atrial fibrillation, venous thromboembolism, coronary artery disease, and peripheral artery disease.

Bayer, Vietnam National Heart Association, improve cardiovascular treatment, strategic partnership, medical knowledge

Bayer Vietnam and the Vietnam National Heart Association have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), forging a strategic partnership to address the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Vietnam.

According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 31% of total deaths. Lifestyle changes, such as sedentary habits, unhealthy diets, tobacco use, increased stress levels, and an aging population, are associated with an increased incidence of cardiometabolic diseases, including thrombosis-related conditions.

The rising demand for healthcare services and specialized interventions has created pressure on the healthcare system, not to mention the financial burden associated with diagnosing, treating, and managing cardiovascular diseases on patients and their families.

In light of these challenges, what is needed are effective strategies for prevention, early detection, and timely management.

Under the program "Improving the Quality of Training and Management of Cardiovascular Disease for Doctors and the Community, 2024-2025," Bayer Vietnam and the Vietnam National Heart Association will join forces to tackle this issue head-on.

Scientific conferences and continuous medical education programs will be organized to update medical knowledge and enhance the skills of healthcare professionals, with a specific focus on provincial capacity building.

Regular updates to treatment recommendations for thrombosis-related diseases will ensure that healthcare providers have the latest information on the most advanced and effective approaches at their disposal.

In addition to its commitment to disease management and comprehensive healthcare, Bayer Vietnam's radiology division will improve healthcare professionals' understanding and skills in utilizing advanced imaging technologies for the precise diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions.

This will enable them to develop personalized treatment plans, monitor disease progression, and provide targeted care to patients, improving overall healthcare outcomes.

Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Minh, President of the Vietnam National Heart Association said the collaboration with Bayer Vietnam marks an important milestone in efforts to enhance cardiovascular disease management in Vietnam.

By combining its expertise and resources with Bayer’s, the association can develop innovative solutions, conduct impactful research, and deliver comprehensive training programs.

"Together, we will empower medical professionals, raise awareness in the community, and improve patient outcomes. We are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on cardiovascular care and the health and well-being of the Vietnamese population," he added.

Furthermore, empowering patients with knowledge about cardiovascular diseases is crucial for early detection, adherence to treatment plans, and lifestyle modifications.

This partnership will also work to develop educational materials to raise public awareness about risk factors, symptoms, and prevention strategies for thrombotic diseases, empowering individuals to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

And by promoting a culture of proactive healthcare-seeking behaviors and patient engagement, the overall management of these diseases can be significantly improved.

Ingo Brandenburg, Managing Director of Bayer Vietnam, said that at Bayer, they are proud of their heritage in providing new treatment options for patients suffering from heart and blood conditions.

Aiming at reducing the burden that cardiovascular diseases pose to families, communities, and society, Bayer is working in collaboration with leading scientific, academic, and industry partners to improve our understanding of cardiovascular diseases and find innovative approaches for patients.

"We encourage the active involvement of patients and their families in prevention efforts and treatment compliance via a wide range of health awareness initiatives for communities on multiple platforms, as their participation is a core factor for effective disease management and control."

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Source: VnExpress

Bayer, Vietnam National Heart Association, improve cardiovascular treatment, strategic partnership, medical knowledge
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