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Bac Giang’s woman grand master eyes regional victories

(BGO) – After years of intensive training and competition, Nguyen Thi Mai Hung, 22, has transformed from a shy girl into a woman grand master. After bagging national and Southeast Asia medals, Hung is eyeing regional victories.

Bac Giang, woman grand master, regional victories

Woman grand master Mai Hung and outstanding achievements

New victories


Mai Hung has collected countless medals from juniors’ to national, Southeast Asian and Asian championships in standard, fast or blitz chess categories. In her home near Thuong market in Le Loi ward, Bac Giang city, three glass cabinets are unable to store all rewards she has earned over the past years. 

However, she is never satisfied with herself, saying that a chess player’s career lasts longer than other sport players’ so that each one must endeavour to improve skills. With such thinking, Hung has frequently lived distant from her family to work for the national team and undergo long-term training at home and abroad, notably the one in Hungary lasting more than one year. 

Since 2015, though competing in a few matches, Hung has still brought victories to the homeland, including championships in national and Southeast Asia standard and fast chess competitions, a gold at the Asian championship in team’s event. 

In early June 2016, Hung was excellently crowned champion in the Asian Individual Championship, which was also the only gold for the Vietnamese team at the competition. 

Looking back the past history, only veteran chess player Hoang Thanh Trang could do the same.



Bac Giang, woman grand master, regional victories

After rising to regional stature, Mai Hung nurtures a dream to reach world-class. 


Many goals ahead


Talking about her recent success, Hung’s eyes sparkled with pride: “Regional championship has always been my burning desire. Realising such dream motivates me towards new heights”. 

Following the Asian championship, Hung’s elo index reached 2.316, but it is not her final aim. She has set three major goals, with a priority to the completion of bachelor education. 

She is going to enter the third year of chess training at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Sport’s sport training faculty. She said it is an important task to devote her life to sports in general and chess in particular. 

Along with study, she also arranges time for training at the national chess team and competing in international competitions hosted by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

After rising to regional stature, she nurtures a dream to reach world-class. 

With smartness and strong will, it is believed that Bac Giang native girl – Nguyen Thi Mai Hung will continue shining./.

By Tung Chi

Bac Giang, woman grand master, regional victories
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