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Organizers to select 1,000 volunteers for Hanoi F1 race

The Vietnam Motorsports Association (VMA) will enlist the services of 1,000 volunteers in organizing the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

"This special chance is given to 1,000 individuals who want to directly get involved in the organization process and contribute to the success of the very first Formula One race in Vietnam," a VMA representative said.

Hanoi F1 race, Vietnam Motorsports Association,  F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, My Dinh Stadium

A F1 racing car in a show in Hanoi, April 21, 2019.

The volunteers will be in charge of 20 different positions on the track, including firefighting, providing medical assistance, weighing cars, cleaning tracks and responding to emergencies.

Since these positions play a vital role, all volunteers will have to strictly follow discipline and safety rules set by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in order to ensure safety for all racers and minimize accidents on the track.

After selection, volunteers will take part in two training courses held in the country under the guidance of experts from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS). All volunteers will be provided with uniforms, necessities, equipment and cards to enter certain areas of the race. After the event is over, volunteers will be awarded a certificate for their contribution to the F1 race.

The F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will take place for the first time in Vietnam in April 5, 2020. The race will be part of a seven-day extravaganza featuring parades, showcasing of racecars and other events. The streets will be closed off for four or five days before the race and traffic rerouted.

Construction of a track around the My Dinh Stadium began in March and is expected to take 12 months. It runs more than 5.5 kilometers with 22 corners, and will be the fourth to combine both a track and city streets, after Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan.

To register for selection to be a volunteer, go to

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Source: VnExpress

Hanoi F1 race, Vietnam Motorsports Association, F1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, My Dinh Stadium
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