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Young talented chess player Luong Hoang Tu Linh

(BGO)- Following the generation of Mai Hung, Van Anh and Hai Anh, Bac Giang has a number of talented young chess players to continue their achievements. Luong Hoang Tu Linh is among the outstanding faces of the new generation. 

Tu Linh (born in 2005) has shown interest and practised this sport of intelligence since she was a child. Her cousin directly guided her to play chess and was her opponent as well. With her great passion for chess, she determined to become a professional chess player.

Chess player, Luong Hoang Tu Linh, young talent, Bac Giang province, outstanding faces, new generation, great passion for chess, professional chess player

Young chess player Luong Hoang Tu Linh.

In 2014 when the provincial Center of Sports Training and Competition of Bac Giang province announced to select athletes, this girl from Da Mai ward, Bac Giang city decided to apply and she was chosen to the chess gifted class thanks to her good memory and ability to guest the moves.

At this center, Linh has opportunities to adjust herself to a professional environment under guidance the national grandmasters. Besides, her classmates are strong “opponents” for her to gain competitive experience, thus Tu Linh has rapidly improved her profession to become a potential young player.

According to Hoang Van Ngoc, the coach of the youth team of Bac Giang chess, who has followed up Linh’s progress since her first days at the chess class, Linh is a hard working young chess player. Apart from her smartness with acute chess moves, this little girl shows her good ability of calculation and chess analysis in line with her strong determination in both training and competition.

With her outstanding qualifications, Tu Linh has excellently performed at the national and international chess championships during 6 years practising in the youth chess team of the province.

Her achievements with 7 gold medals, 3 silvers and 11 bronzes are clear evidences for the talent of this little but smart girl.

Among her achievement collection, there are a number of international medals including 3 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronzes at the youth and age group events of the East Asia and South East Asia. At the World Youth Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships in September 2019 in Spain, Linh confidently defeated many strong opponents to win bronze medal at girl’s U14 rapid chess category.

Specially, Tu Linh has accompanied the senior players in Bac Giang’s chess team to take part in many big national competitions with the remarkable result of a bronze medal at women’s team category at the 2017 national chess championship although she is only 14.

Chess player, Luong Hoang Tu Linh, young talent, Bac Giang province, outstanding faces, new generation, great passion for chess, professional chess player

Tu Linh (first platform on the left) receives cup and gold medal at 2019 National Youth Chess Championship.

This time, the team of Tu Anh, Nguyen Thi Mai Hung, Vo Thi Kim Phung and Doan Thi Van Anh are competing at the 2019 National Chess Championship in Ho Chi Minh city.

Coach Hoang Van Ngoc added, Tu Linh still has shortcomings due to her young age particularly her physical weakness that makes her burn down at the final round of each tourney. Besides, sometimes she does not have good mentality for competition especially at the drastically competitive tournaments.

The coaching committee is helping Linh surmount these shortcomings to become a key factor of Bac Giang’s female chess team in the future who is able to uphold the tradition and continue achievements of the current senior generation of Mai Hung, Van Anh, Kim Phung and Hai Anh.

Luong Hoang Tu Linh also defined her own goals. She shared, she would strive with all her best to become a female international grandmaster like what the senior players have gained.

Besides, she will practice to improve her qualification, skills and competition experience while remedying shortcomings to contribute more outstanding achievements to the provincial sport.

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Chess player, Luong Hoang Tu Linh, young talent, Bac Giang province, outstanding faces, new generation, great passion for chess, professional chess player
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