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Badminton players strive for breakthrough

(BGO) - 4 out of 20 members of national badminton team anticipating the 31st South East Asian Games (SEA Games 31) are Bac Giang people. To prepare for the biggest regional sports event, the athletes have exerted every effort on practising to target high achievement at the game.

High intensity training

Visiting Bac Giang provincial Gymnasium in early April day, I witnessed the high intensity training process of Vietnam national badminton team to prepare for the upcoming important sports event. Inside the gymnasium, each group of athletes ran in circle for endurance practice amid the command from the coach “Hurry up, try your best”.

Badminton players, strive for breakthrough, SEA Games 31, Bac  Giang province,  national badminton team, biggest regional sports event, high achievement

The running exercise for strength endurance of badminton players.

The running exercise was followed by weightlifting section with the weight ranging from 20 to 50kg. Each lifted up and down dozens of times.

There are four Bac Giang native members to anticipate SEA Games 31, including Pham Van Hai (born in 2001), Tran Thi Phuong Thuy (born in 2000), Than Van Anh (born in 2003) and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan (born in 2002). Apart from Tran Thi Phuong Thuy, it is the first SEA Games of three other members.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the athletes have suspended training several times for recent two years, causing impacts on competition manner. With high determination and personal effort, 22 year old athlete Phuong Thuy in Tan Dinh commune, Lang Giang district has bagged many medals at domestic championships, typically the gold medal at individual women event at 2022 National Badminton Championship for clubs, provinces, cities and sectors or Thanh Cong Cup in Phu Yen province two weeks ago.

In 2019, Thuy was firstly summoned to national badminton team to compete at SEA Games 30 in the Philippines. At that time, Vietnam National Badminton team failed to pocket any medal before international level athletes.

To prepare for this season, Thuy and other members of national team are training hard with three hour practice per shift every day (morning and afternoon).

“Besides advanced professional technique, we are training to increase the endurance such as running, weightlifting and skipping. In spite of hard training, we are trying our best thanks to due attention and timely encouragement from the coaching board,” Thuy said.

Targeting best competition

Since March 20, after nearly one month training at Bac Giang provincial Gymnasium with direct instruction from coaching board (including one from Indonesia), members of National Badminton Team in general and Bac Giang athletes in particular have been well practiced.

Badminton players, strive for breakthrough, SEA Games 31, Bac  Giang province,  national badminton team, biggest regional sports event, high achievement

The training session of Bac Giang players (rights) together with members of Vietnam National Badminton Team at the provincial Gymnasium.

It is also a convenient condition for players to get used to the lighting, competition carpet and better observe the shuttlecock orientation toward more suitable movement and reaction.

Vice Director of provincial Sports Competition and Training Center Chu Van Bac who keeps supporting and accompanying all training session said we must acknowledge the labour spirit, serious practice, high discipline and ready for hardship from athletes.

SEA Games 31 is coming near. To protect safety and health condition for athletes, no one has been allowed to return home since early April. They must stay at the provincial Sports Competition and Training Center and follow regulation of the Organization Board. Currently, all coaches and players of delegation are injected three Covid-19 vaccine shots.

Though there are many difficulties and challenges ahead when the host have to face international level seeds at badminton event, all members are taking every effort and determination toward highest achievement.

Cong Tuan
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Badminton players, strive for breakthrough, SEA Games 31, Bac Giang province, national badminton team, biggest regional sports event, high achievement
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