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Suoi Mo – famous destination in Tay Yen Tu

(BGO) – Vuc Mo (Mo Canyon) is the old name for the whole complex of Suoi Mo (Mo Spring) landscape and relic site located at the present Nghia Phuong commune, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province. 

It used to be the most popular destination for numerous scholars to visit and compose their works, including Nhat Nam Trinh Nhu Tau who was a scholar/writer/reporter of Thuong village, Phu Lang Thuong town. He paid several visits and spent time studying the local folk culture then researching the ancients documents to record the precious documentaries.


Suoi Mo, Bac Giang province, famous destination, Tay Yen Tu, Vuc Mo, landscape and relic site, most popular destination, local folk culture, precious documentaries


Chau Van and Hau Dong singings at Suoi Mo.

The magnificent landscape

The precious documentaries collected in the region of Rum – Quynh (the old name of two villages in Nghia Phuong commune) helped Nhat Nam truthfully describe Vuc Mo in the book of Bac Giang’s monography published in 1937 in Hanoi.

Few pages of Vuc Mo research are the most valuable documentaries about the destination we have had for the first haft of the twentieth century downward. Scholar Nhat Nam noted these words nearly 80 years ago: “The Vuc Mo temple, except for Ha (Lower) temple in Kha Le commune, is located in Nghia Phuong commune, Cuong Son tong (old administrative unit), Luc Ngan district. 3 temples of Thuong (Upper), Trung (Middle) and Suoi Mo are called Thuong, Trung and Ha Vuc Mo…The Thuong Vuc Mo temple was built leaning against the flank of Huyen Dinh mountain, facing to a deep canyon and 10-meter waterfall running down namely Dau Voi (Elephant head) waterfall. 

The Trung and Ha temples were also built on the mountain flank with the spring passing by to lure any visitors….Vuc Mo temple worships Lady Lord of the Forestry Princess Que My Nuong (Duc Thuong ngan Thanh Mau)”.

In the Trung temple, there also remained the parallel sentences and poems presented by Tong doc Hoang Thuy Chi: “Toan thach bi tang linhdieucanh/Thao hoatrang tac sac khongthien (The water and mountain hire in fairyland/ Flowers are dedicated to the Buddhism sanctuary)”.

After discovering the value and hidden charms of Vuc Mo landscape and relic sites, the dedicated officers in the provincial Museum announced and made the dossier requesting the Government to recognize the destination at the end of the 1980s.

Apart from the old and present magnificent architectures, the researchers conducted the survey on the cultural space in the land of Nghia Phuong, especially the region of Dum – Quynh for months. And the locals show them several places which are the ruins, and ancient cultural spiritual projects scattering in both banks of Mo spring.

Shimmering the Chau Van singing

Vuc Mo forms a tourism area by three factors: Spirit, ecology, landscape and convenient transport. It becomes more attractive and lively with Chau Van singing (spiritual singing). Besides the beautiful landscape, Vuc Mo boasts a deep beauty of rich cultural space and traces reflecting the traditional cultural history.

Suoi Mo, Bac Giang province, famous destination, Tay Yen Tu, Vuc Mo, landscape and relic site, most popular destination, local folk culture, precious documentaries

The beautiful landscape in Suoi Mo.

Chau Van is an ancient form of art performance featuring the religious culture as the spiritual activities to lure and impress the visitors. Normally it is performed in the temples and shrines in Vuc Mo area, including the temples of Thuong, Ha, Trung, Co Be and Tro.

Visiting here, the tourists are able to offer incense to the Lady Lord of the Forestry Princess, show or admire the talent and skill via the spiritual singing and dancing. Chau Van in Vuc Mo is worshipping or Len Dong singing.

Worshipping singing is performed before the party and Len Dong or in the fifteenth day and the first day on lunar month, as well as the eve. Meanwhile, Len Dong or Hau Bong ceremonial activity honors the power deities and deified heroes in Four Palaces.

Visiting Vuc Mo temple, each group of masters of the ceremony competes for their talent with each other within a strict rule so as to boast their good dancing, beautiful singing and skillful playing of musical instruments. They are impassioned in the tireless performing through the day and night. As return, these masters receive the worthy complement, respect and cash bonus from the generous audiences who are interested in the folk art performance.

The Vuc Mo temple worshipping Lady Lord of the Forestry Princess is now built spaciously as an attractive destination for visitors in the spring of the Year of the Pig 2019.

Tay Yen Tu CultureTourism Week scheduled on February 14-20
(BGO) – A press conference about Tay Yen Tu (West of Yen Tu) Culture Tourism Week themed “Discovering the holy land Tay Yen Tu” was held on January 23 at La Thanh Hotel in Hanoi by the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year. 
Well preparing for Tay Yen Tu Cultural Tourism Week
(BGO) – The Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong and leaders of some departments, Son Dong People’s Committee on January 2 paid a field trip to inspect the execution progress of construction projects in Tay Yen Tu spiritual and ecological tourism site. 
Tay Yen Tu Tourism and Culture Week to be held
(BGO) - On December 3, the People's Committee of Bac Giang province held a meeting to implement the plan and agree on some contents to prepare for the opening ceremony of the Spring Festival 2019 and the Culture and Tourism Week entitled "Discovering the sacred land of Tay Yen Tu". Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee and head of the organizing committee of the festival, chaired the meeting.
Mysterious ancient tea in Tay Yen Tu
(BGO) – The Khe Ro Natural Reserve in An Lac commune (Son Dong district, Bac Giang province) has been seemed to be fully discovered by humans. But the natural mountains and forests always hide interesting things. If we have a chance, we will know a very small part of the secret of the high mountain and thick forest. Only from a piece of information that seems to be vague, we immediately set off, beginning a journey to find the ancient tea still existing in the Tay Yen Tu primitive forest.
Tay Yen Tu festival, Bac Giang Culture and Tourism Week slated for early 2019
(BGO) – Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) on November 6 chaired a meeting to implement the preparation for the Bac Giang Culture and Tourism Week, Tay Yen Tu festival in 2019  as well as the idea of musical film production about Bac Giang proposed by Muoi Duyen enterprise. 

Doctor Nguyen Van Phong

Suoi Mo, Bac Giang province, famous destination, Tay Yen Tu, Vuc Mo, landscape and relic site, most popular destination, local folk culture, precious documentaries
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