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Bac Giang tourism with bright colors

(BGO) – In 2019, Bac Giang tourism had bright colors and left deep imprint on domestic and foreign tourists. The achieved results are the driving force for the tourism sector to further develop toward the target of welcoming over 2.5 million tourist arrivals in 2020. 

Focusing on tourism infrastructure building

Among the landscapes in the province, Tay Yen Tu Spiritual – Ecotourism Complex in Tuan Mau commune (Son Dong district) drew the biggest number of tourists in 2019 with 160,000 arrivals. By a click to Google searching for this landscape, any one can see numerous information to promote and introduce about this attractive destination.

Bac Giang tourism, bright colors, Bac Giang province, Tay Yen Tu, domestic and foreign tourists, attractive destination, community based tourism

The visitors at Tay Yen Tu Spiritual – Ecotourism complex in Son Dong district.

According to the Operation Manager of Tay Yen Tu Spiritual – Ecotourism Complex Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan many items were completed in early 2019 such as Ha and Thuong (Lower and Upper) pagodas, cable car route, square area, spring viewed restaurant... Now several projects are put under construction such as 500 guest capacity restaurant, Tu Dai garden with water fountain shape.

“In 2020, we will build the hotel system, visitor center, shopping mall, entertainment places, landscape lake...with total investment of some 500 billion VND (21.5 million USD),” Ngan said.

The tourism development solutions were synchronously and drastically implemented in line with the provincial resolutions, programmes and plans in 2019. Many projects in the tourism sites were added, completed to form new tourism products, helping draw visitors.

In 2019, Bac Giang province welcomed some 2 million tourist arrivals, making 33 percent year on year increase, including 29,000 foreign visitors (up 79 percent) and over 1.97 million domestic tourists (up 32 percent). The revenue from the accommodation, travel and services relating to tourism was estimated at 760 billion VND (32.8 million USD).

Remarkably, the tourism planning and investment have been further focused. The competent departments and sectors have actively consulted the provincial People’s Committee to lure the investment projects, verify, approve and distribute the capital to the general urban planning projects as well as make the detail construction plan for the tourism sites...

Several big projects have been constructed such as Viet Yen golf course, tourism site of Northern cultural ancient village in Tien Son commune (Viet Yen district), hi-quality hotel and commercial business center in Bac Giang city, Khe Hang Dau Ecotourism site (Yen Dung district)...

Developing community based tourism

In the middle of 2019, the provincial People’s Committee approved for the Plan to support the community tourism development in 2019 and 2020 at Na O hamlet, An Lac commune (Son Dong district), Ven village, Xuan Luong commune (Yen The district) and orchards in Luc Ngan district. This is the cultural and ecological tourism which are organized, managed by the community and local people to get benefit.

Now, visiting Na O hamlet, tourists can enjoy the primitive and magnificent natural beauty of Khe Ro landscape, study the traditional cultural lifestyle and custom and experience the local life.

Bac Giang tourism, bright colors, Bac Giang province, Tay Yen Tu, domestic and foreign tourists, attractive destination, community based tourism

Vinh Nghiem pagoda (Yen Dung district) attracts numerous visitors.

At Ven village, the visitors will have chance to pick each bud of teas then dry them; join the folk games and taste the unique cuisine from the ethnic minority groups.

According to the Chairman of the People’s Committee in Xuan Luong commune Than Nhan Khuyen, Than Truong Cooperative and several households invested to build many stilt houses in Xuan Lung – Thac Nga tourism complex to serve the tourists’ demand for entertainment, experiment, living and accommodation.

In spite of new establishment, many visitors in and outside the province flocked to the destination to enjoy the special experience which is a good signal for the community tourism development.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has recently coordinated with Luc Ngan district People’s Committee to survey the local fruit cultivation area together with many experts at the universities and departments under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and businesses to develop the orchard tourism.

The district has nearly 28,000 hectare of various fruit cultivation which is a great potential and advantage for the locality to connect the orchard and ecotourism development to attract the visitors.

Boosting media campaign for Bac Giang Culture-Tourism Week 2020
(BGO)- The Organizing Board of the Bac Giang Culture-Tourism Week 2020 has launched the media plan for the Bac Giang Culture-Tourism Week 2020 themed “the Sacred land Tay Yen Tu” in order to boost advertising the event on the mass media contributing to raising people’s awareness of the signature tourism products of Bac Giang province. 
Surveying Luc Ngan fruit tree area, introducing community-based tourism development potential
(BGO) - On November 29, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism collaborated with the Luc Ngan district People's Committee to organize a fact-finding trip to tourist sites in the fruit tree area of Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province.
Luc Ngan 2019 Fair for orange, pomelo and signature products expand product consumption together with tourism development
(BGO) -  The 2019 Fair for orange, pomelo and signature products in Luc Ngan district was held from November 29 – December 1, drawing dozens of thousands of visitors in and outside Bac Giang province. The fair success created more opportunities to promote, introduce the fruits, special farm produce and food in the district to numerous customers in the province and across the nation. 
Bac Giang Culture and Tourism Week 2020 features many cultural activities
(BGO) – The Bac Giang Culture and Tourism Week 2020 will be held from January 29 – February 12, 2020 (lunar January 5 – 19, the Year of the Rat) with diverse cultural activities themed “Bac Giang – Sacred Land Tay Yen Tu”. 
Xuan Lung Thac Nga green tourism
(BGO) -  Xuan Lung – Thac Nga spiritual – ecotourism site in Xuan Luong commune, Yen The district (Bac Giang province) is a highlight to develop the community tourism in the district that has been invested to enhance the service quality to draw more visitors. 

Cong Doanh

Bac Giang tourism, bright colors, Bac Giang province, Tay Yen Tu, domestic and foreign tourists, attractive destination, community based tourism
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