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Viet Yen develops spiritual tourism associated with trade villages

(BGO) - Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) is home to many historical and cultural relic sites recognized by the State, along with famous traditional craft villages. These are advantages for the district to invest in developing tourism.

Rich potential

Viet Yen district has many State-ranked relic sites, including the special national relic site of Bo Da Pagoda, 20 national and 74 provincial relic sites. One of the outstanding highlights is the special national relic site of Bo Da Pagoda – a famous ancient pagoda which was recognized as a tourist attraction by the provincial People's Committee in 2019.

Viet Yen district, spiritual tourism, trade villages, Bac Giang province, historical and cultural relic, famous traditional craft villages

The procession ritual to commemorate madanrin Than Cong Tai.

In addition, there are other relic sites and cultural institutions such as Dong Communal House in Bich Dong township named in the list of 23 relic sites of the special national complex of the Yen The Uprising locations; a temple dedicated to mandarin Than Cong Tai in Hong Thai commune; the national relic site of Van Coc Pagoda in Van Trung commune; and the national relic complex of Tho Ha Pagoda and Communal House in Van Ha commune ... 

Alongside, there are many traditional trade villages such as Tang Tien bamboo and rattan, Van village wine making, and Tho Ha rice paper and noodles production in Van Ha commune.

Realising Resolution 44 of the provincial Party Committee's Standing Board on tourism development in the period of 2016-2020, the Party Committee and People's Committee of Viet Yen district have done many jobs. Traffic routes and relic sites have been built and embellished at a total cost of hundreds of billions of dong.

Nguyen Dai Luong, Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee, said that the complex of Bo Da Pagoda and relic sites and trade villages in Van Ha commune are a prominent highlight in the district's tourism development strategy. An investor has come to make a feasibility study for Northern Village project near the complex with an area of 35 ha.

For the relic site of Dong Communal House in Bich Dong township, the district People's Committee has worked with a number of related units to advise the provincial People's Committee to propose competent authorities this year restore the entire communal house, renovate the campus and build roads connecting with the provincial road 298 to develop tourism, using district and communal budgets.

The Than Nhan Trung Temple in Nenh township has a total investment of about 60 billion VND (2,583 USD). The first phase of the project has basically been completed with items such as the main temple, yard, gate, lake, and interior.

Along with restoration and embellishment of the relic sites, the district has paid special attention to promotion work through mass media and festivals, especially the Bo Da Pagoda Festival associated with the quan ho (love duet) singing festivals of the district and the province.

Mobilizing resources

Despite initial results, the development of spiritual tourism in association with trade villages in Viet Yen district still faces barriers that need to be removed, including asynchronous traffic system; poor service infrastructure; and few shopping, cartering and accommodation facilities; low added value from tourism services; lack of space for display of products; and unfresh environment in some trade villages.

Viet Yen district, spiritual tourism, trade villages, Bac Giang province, historical and cultural relic, famous traditional craft villages

Products of the Tang Tien craft village (Viet Yen).

Bui Ta Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Van Ha communal People's Committee, said that Tho Ha village now has about 500 households making rice paper and noodles, 100 families making wine, and many old houses. It also possesses unique cultural heritages such as quan ho, ca tru (ceremonial singing) and tuong (Vietnamese traditional opera). 

Many groups of foreign tourists visit the village every week. These are the advantages for local tourism development. However, at present, the wastewater treatment system in trade villages is not yet complete. To promote tourism, it is necessary to solve environmental problems.

In order to create the momentum for the development of spiritual tourism in association with craft villages, the People's Committee of Viet Yen district continues to call on investors to engage in tourism development, especially the communities in the craft villages. The district will upgrade the transport infrastructure system and auxiliary works, services, parking lots and cultural institutions in the relic sites.

In addition to implementing the projects to attract investment in tourism development of Bo Da Pagoda associated with ancient and craft villages (Van and Tho Ha villages) and preserve and promote the value of quan ho folk songs, the district People's Committee has digitized relics, artefacts and treasures in the relic sites.

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Cong Doanh

Viet Yen district, spiritual tourism, trade villages, Bac Giang province, historical and cultural relic, famous traditional craft villages
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