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"Lending wings" to Son Dong tourism to take off

(BGO) - Son Dong district covers an area of ​​nearly 850sq.m, making it the second largest in Bac Giang province after Luc Ngan. It boasts many primeval forests located in Dong Trieu arc, which is home to famous Yen Tu Mountain Range associated with Truc Lam Zen sect. Those factors are advantages for the district to develop different types of tourism.

Son Dong has many beautiful landscapes, such as Khe Ro, Ba Tia Waterfalls, Dong Cao and Khe Chao. Khe Ro is an area of more than 7,000ha in An Lac commune, including nearly 5,100ha of natural forest. This is the most typical primeval forest not only in Bac Giang but also in the northeastern region of the country.

Bac Giang province, Son Dong tourism, tourism development, famous Yen Tu Mountain Range, Truc Lam Zen sect, primeval forests, beautiful landscapes

A corner of Tay Yen Tu spiritual - ecological tourist complex in Tay Yen Tu township (Son Dong district).

The Khe Ro Nature Reserve is enclosed in the basins of Khe Ro and Khe Din streams. There is a flow of underground water constantly running to create pure streams. Ba Tia Waterfalls, adjacent to the Tay Yen Tu relic site, include three waterfalls pouring down from the height of 20m to create natural bathtubs surrounded by stone layers in strange shapes.

Khe Chao in Long Son is a lake formed by the surrounding mountains. Very quiet and peaceful, it is a great resort destination besides Khe Ro. Dong Cao in Phuc Son commune is the only and beautiful plateau in the province at the height of nearly 1,000m above sea level. This place is described as Mau Son (Lang Son province) or Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc province).

Tay Yen Tu township is located in the Yen Tu Mountain Range area. From Dong Thong (Tay Yen Tu township), visitors can climb or take the cable car to Dong Pagoda in Yen Tu Peak where Buddhist King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong led his monastic life and founded pure Vietnamese Zen sect - Truc Lam Yen Tu Buddhism.

The ethnic minorities in Son Dong make up more than half of the district’s population. Most of them are Tay, Nung and Dao people. The ethnic minorities still retain their ethnic identities in customs, folk songs and dances, and traditional remedies. Restoration, selection and development of these identities will surely hold visitors.

Son Dong boasts many valuable and rare forest products and herbal plants. Only the Khe Ro Nature Reserve has a rich flora system with 716 species, including many rare species listed in the Red Book. The fauna is quite diverse with 51 species of mammals and 102 species of birds. With such potential and advantages, Son Dong has many favourable conditions to develop its tourism-based economy, thus improving local people's life.

Over the past years, Son Dong has made initial efforts in this activity. The district has made dossiers on cultural tourism, including both tangible and intangible cultural heritages. A steering committee for tourism development was established. The district has paid attention to building and upgrading rural roads, initially fostering tourism skills for a number of officials in the industry and business owners. Currently, the district has 13 tourist accommodation establishments with 127 rooms...

However, in general, Son Dong’s tourism development still sees many limitations such as slow planning, lack of amusement parks, long-stay stops as well as well-equipped tourist sites. Community-based tourism is yet to be developed.

Bac Giang province, Son Dong tourism, tourism development, famous Yen Tu Mountain Range, Truc Lam Zen sect, primeval forests, beautiful landscapes

Tourists visit the Khe Ro Nature Reserve.

For sustainable tourism development, Son Dong needs to pay attention to perfecting the Tay Yen Tu spiritual - ecological tourist complex, urgently making plans to conserve the existing tourist areas, focusing on tourism infrastructure, and promoting spiritual tourism, community-based tourism and cultural tourism, especially in Dong Cao, Khe Ro and Ba Tia Waterfalls.

Tourism promotion should be done on a national scale, not just in the province. In addition, the district should continue to focus on restoring and encouraging the development of traditional craft villages and local herbal remedies, while strengthening tourism skills at grassroots levels and raising awareness of developing community-based tourism for people in upland areas.

With existing potential and advantages, the determination of the locality and the consensus of the people, in the coming years, Son Dong will “give wings" to its tourism to take off.

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(BGO) - Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) is home to many historical and cultural relic sites recognized by the State, along with famous traditional craft villages. These are advantages for the district to invest in developing tourism.
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(BGO) – Due to the impact of the acute respiratory epidemic, the visitors to Tay Yen Tu Spiritual – Ecotourism Complex (Son Dong district, Bac Giang province) in the last one month sharply decreased against the same period last year. 
Bac Giang invests in tourism development infrastructure
(BGO) – Investment in infrastructure construction is one of the key factors to boost the tourism growth. Thus, many localities in Bac Giang province have mobilized all sources to upgrade and improve the grass root infrastructure to help change and beautify the landscapes as well as link the utilities among the tourism destinations.
Bac Giang attracts visitors by signature tourism products
(BGO) – Bac Giang is a province with many potentials for tourism development. From the primitive stage, now the map of local tourism shows bright colors. However, it is crucial to build the signature tourism products to draw more visitors to the province and earn higher revenue from the sector. 
Diplomatic tasks promote tourism development in Bac Giang province
(BGO) – Implementing the  Resolution of the Bac Giang provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board and Plan No.102/KH-UBND dated May 30, 2016 issued by the provincial People’s Committee about developing the tourism in Bac Giang province in the period 2016 – 2020, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA) has actively communicated, introduced and promoted the image of culture, history and beauty of Bac Giang’s land and human to international friends.

Do Nhat Minh

Bac Giang province, Son Dong tourism, tourism development, famous Yen Tu Mountain Range, Truc Lam Zen sect, primeval forests, beautiful landscapes
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