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Yen Dung creates highlight in cultural-spiritual tourism development

(BGO) – In the last tenure, Yen Dung district (Bac Giang province) has paid special attention to preserving the cultural heritage, helping promote the value and enhance the spiritual life to the residents as well as develop the cultural – spiritual tourism. 

The district is home to nearly 300 historical and cultural relic sites, 2 of which were recognized as national special relics, two national relics and 76 provincial relics.

Implementing the Project of Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion in the province with the key focus of cultural – spiritual tourism in the period 2016 – 2020, Yen Dung has mobilized various sources to restore, upgrade the relics, especially the major ones.

Yen Dung  district, creates highlight, cultural-spiritual tourism development, Bac Giang province, cultural heritage, spiritual life

Truc Lam Phuong Hoang Zen Monastery is a highlight in the tourism picture of Yen Dung district.

The first highlight is Vinh Nghiem pagoda. Recently, the district has invested nearly 34 billion VND (1.4 million USD) in several important items such as constructing the Wood block Preservation and Exhibition Building, revamping the landscape and campus, building the welcoming gate...

Additionally, the road to another national special relic of Kem pagoda (Nham Bien town) was invested nearly 4.5 billion VND (194,000 USD) while the district arranged over 300 million VND to restore the national relic where President Ho Chi Minh visited Tan An commune.

Since 2016, the district has restored more than 30 relics with total investment of 150 billion VND (6.4 million USD), mostly from the socialization sources.

Typically, only 70 million (3,000 USD) out of 1.7 billion VND (73,000 USD) was supported to repair Canh Son pagoda (Huong Gian commune) by the State while the major source were mobilized from the donated amounts. Or the locals in Phan Loi village (Nham Bien town) donated nearly 1.6 billion VND to repair and build many items in the local pagoda and communal houses...

Together with the relic upgradation and restoration, the local authority regularly preserves and promote the intangible cultural value. The competent agencies and localities effectively encourage the operation of the clubs and art troops at all levels, especially the folk art clubs at district levels such as Cheo singing club, Quan ho singing club and Ca tru singing club.

According to the Director of the district Center of Culture-Information and Sport Tran Duc Hoan, to help preserve the cultural heritage of the nation, the district set up 6 clubs of Quan ho, Cheo and Ca Tru with hundreds of members.

For recent years, the district has regularly held the folk singing festival and contest “I love the history in my homeland” while coordinating with the agencies under the Department of Culture – Sport and Tourism to organize 22 courses to teach folk song performance to nearly 1,000 talented artists at grassroots level.

Thanks to the frequent preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, the spiritual and cultural life of the resident is much improved, helping draw numerous visitors.

The statistic showed that Yen Dung district welcomed more than 1.3 tourist arrivals in the period 2016 – 2020 (including 50,800 foreign visitors). The popular destinations are Vinh Nghiem pagoda, Truc Lam Phuong Hoang Zen Monastery.... The tourism revenue hit 316 billion VND (13.6 million USD).

Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Nguyen Van Thuong shared: “From the positive results in recent time, the district will further pay due attention and boost up the socialization to focus the sources in restoring, upgrading the cultural and historical relic sites in the upcoming time; encourage the preservation of intangible cultural heritage, especially festivals and traditional folk cultural activities, hence building the signature tourism product, creating the highlight to the general tourism picture of Yen Dung district”.

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Yen Dung district, creates highlight, cultural-spiritual tourism development, Bac Giang province, cultural heritage, spiritual life
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