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Farming tourism promotes and consumes products in Bac Giang

(BGO) – Tapping the advantages, recently several localities in the northern province of Bac Giang have built up farming tourism with initial effectiveness which helps promote the local consumption to farm produce, create more new and attractive tourism products to be expanded. 

Effective “selling” channel

In the last lychee season, Tam Thinh Cooperative (Cooperative) in Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan district) welcomed nearly 30 delegates with more than 200 visitors to the lychee land. The Cooperative Director Vu The Trung said the Cooperative has launched tours to the orchards on season since 2019 apart from supplying agriculture materials.

Farming tourism, promotes and consumes products, Bac Giang province, initial effectiveness, farm produce, new and attractive tourism products, Effective “selling” channel

The fruit orchard of Lai Thi Tam in Tru Huu commune (Luc Ngan district) welcomes numerous visitors on harvest season.

To thoroughly welcome tourists, the Cooperative conducted survey to select fine orchard with high quality in and outside the communes owned by experienced growers.

Family of Vu Van Thuyet in Se Cu village is one of the households welcoming the most of visitors this year. Thanks to the specific caring technique, his orchard was laden with good looking fruits while many households suffered a lost crop. With more than 1ha of lychee, he harvested 10 tonnes of fruits, half of which were sold to the visitors.

Similarly, family of Lai Thi Tam in Min Con village, Tru Huu commune (Luc Ngan district) is a familiar address to several visitors to the orchard tour. Last year, her family welcomed hundreds of tourist arrivals in and outside the province to the orchard of orange and pomelo.

Ven village in Xuan Luong commune (Yen The district) is among the attractive destinations thanks to the VietGAP tea production area surrounded by the dense forest.

At the destination, the visitors feel free to walk alongside the fresh green tea field, experience tea harvesting and producing together with the local ethnic people while tasting the tea cup with unique flavour gained by the cultivation secret of the local farmers.

Bac Giang boasts a lot of potentials for agriculture tourism such as huge fruit growing areas, particularly the concentrated lychee cultivation areas hardly seen anywhere and 10,000 ha of citrus fruit areas. Because the growers have applied advanced science, Bac Giang land is laden with various fruits all the seasons.

Additionally, the province has more than 50 One Commune One Products (OCOP) at provincial level with star indication that is an advantage to draw tourists to enjoy and buy home as gifts such as Tay Yen Tu honey, chilli and garlic vinegar, Chu rice noodle (Luc Ngan district), sweet potato cake, mixed farm produce cake (Viet Yen district), chicken paste and hill chicken in Yen The district...

Moreover, the province has diverse system of lake, pond, river surrounded by primitive forest to create beauty landscapes in Dong Cao, Khe Ro (Son Dong district), Khuon Than lake and Cam Son lake (Luc Ngan district) that suit to resort and community tourism.

Creating sustainability for agriculture tourism

Developing agriculture tourism is the future development trend and new method to sell products with increased benefit to farm produce and diverse tourism products. When the products are distinguished by customers, they will have big spread with success trademark to boost up the production growth.

Luc Ngan has early developed orchard tourism, typically building new rural style commune Hong Giang with signature character of growing all fruit trees. Hong Giang is the destination for many visitors on fruit seasons in Luc Ngan land.

Now, some households in Thanh Hai commune are building two sites at Khuon Than to welcome the upcoming orange and pomelo season in order to introduce visitors to several relics, orchards and lake.

To build and expand the models effectively, the production organization should be well conducted, particularly structuring suitable fruit trees, establishing cooperatives with enough qualification man power for tourism, synchronously operating in connection with clubs under the chain culture- orchard – cuisine, issuing mechanism of financial support, communicating to change the local awareness.

The farmers joining in tourism service must ensure clean production, environment protection and attractive landscape while keeping self innovation to create more unique, new and different tourism products from the local signature.

When these above mentioned factors are satisfied, they will attract the visitors and contribute to creating the sustainability for agriculture tourism.

Luc Ngan boasts huge potential for spiritual and ecotourism
(BGO) – Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has well known for numerous visitors near and far as the “Kingdom of lychee”. Nowadays, this land is covered by various fruits all the year round, not only lychee, but also pomelo, orange, tangerine, persimmon... that help the local farmers earn high income and draw visitors. This land has rich potential for spiritual and ecologial tourism.
Road to Khuon Than tourism site revamped and upgraded
(BGO) – A project has been commenced to revamp and upgrade the provincial road No.289, section of Chu – Khuon Than (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province).
Son Dong develops community tourism attaching to ethnic culture preservation
(BGO) – Son Dong district (Bac Giang province) houses several ethnic minority groups. Promoting the advantages, the local authority is focusing on various solutions to expand the community tourism model attaching to ethnic culture preservation.
Tourism sector takes urgent measures to ensure visitors’ safety amid Covid-19
Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has asked tourism departments across the country to take prompt measures to ensure tourists’ safety amid the complicated developments of Covid-19.
Bac Giang’s foreign affairs contribute to tourism promotion
(BGO)- In line with the activities to promote Bac Giang tourism, the provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) has boosted external activities through the meetings with foreign delegations, external cultural events and website, thereby contributing to bringing Bac Giang’s image closer to international friends and tourists.

Trinh Lan

Farming tourism, promotes and consumes products, Bac Giang province, initial effectiveness, farm produce, new and attractive tourism products, Effective “selling” channel
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