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Developing Bac Giang OCOP products in association with tourism: New direction of great potential

(BGO) - With the aim of encouraging the creativity and dynamism of people in each countryside, Bac Giang has implemented the One Product One Commune (OCOP) Programme in a methodical and effective manner. To date, the whole province has had nearly 100 provincial-level OCOP products.

Beautiful, quality products

Khanh Hoa Pharmaceutical Cooperative in Binh Minh village, Minh Duc commune (Viet Yen district), in cooperation with herbal plant growers, annually provides input materials for 32 pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in the country. With the help of specialized agencies and scientists, making use of available materials, in early 2020, the cooperative has researched and produced high-essence products. They are An Xoa liver detoxification and Thanh Ngam osteoarthritis medication. Both of these products meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard and have just been recognized as provincial-level 3-star OCOP products.

Developing OCOP products, tourism, New direction ,great potential

Delegates visit a booth displaying the province's OCOP products in 2020.

Similarly, all kinds of five-color, brown rice and Chu Thu Duong rice noodles of Chu Hien Phuoc Rice Noodle Cooperative (Luc Ngan district) have also been recognized as meeting the 4-star standard. With the financial support, the cooperative has used the noodle drying and coating machines and applied automation of many stages, thus reducing the labor force and ensuring product quality. It has constantly improved packaging designs. As a result, from only producing white rice noodles initially, the cooperative now makes a variety of rice noodles with different colors favored by customers. On average, the cooperative provides the market with about 30 tonnes of noodles each month, 10 tonnes higher than before.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now, the province has 95 OCOP products rated 3 stars or more (including 46 products recognized in 2019 and 49 in 2020). Of which, there are 24 4-star products and 71 3-star ones. All products have got meticulous investment in design and quality, with full documents proving their eligibility for production and food hygiene and safety.

Combining with rural tourism

Following the Prime Minister's direction on the OCOP Programme for the 2018-2020 period, Bac Giang has launched a project on carrying out the “OCOP Programme” for 2018-2020, with a vision to 2030. Accordingly, the OCOP Programme is identified as an important factor in building sustainable new-style rural areas. After 3 years of implementation, with the direction of the Party committees and authorities at all levels as well as the response and efforts of the people, the OCOP Programme has been implemented in all districts and city, achieving positive results. This has created a new driving force in new-style rural area building, contributing to promoting the development of local specialty products. Some localities such as Luc Ngan, Yen The, Luc Nam and Viet Yen districts, and Bac Giang city have paid attention to trade promotion, developing the system of OCOP product introduction points, and advertising local OCOP products.

A number of products have been initially appreciated by customers, such as lychee sweet juice of Vifoco Import and Export Joint Stock Company (Bac Giang city; canned lychee and sweet corn, and Fully orange juice of Toan Cau Food Import and Export Joint Stock Company; Chu noodles (Luc Ngan district); yellow flower tea of Luu Chanh Herbal Plant Production Cooperative (Luc Nam district); Ban Ven green tea of Than Truong Cooperative (Yen The district); Tay Yen Tu wild honey of Thao Moc Linh Agricultural Service Cooperative (Son Dong district)...

Nguyen Van Ngoc, head of the Tourism Management Division under the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that OCOP products have given visitors more options when they need to buy gifts for relatives whenever they come to Bac Giang. Currently, the unit has proposed displaying all local OCOP products at booths near or in tourist sites in the province, both to promote and create diversified goods in tourist destinations.

Duong Thanh Tung, Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said the department is coordinating with relevant agencies to advise the provincial authorities to devise rural tourism development plans, focusing on assessing potential and advantages, and proposing mechanisms and policies to develop signature rural tourism of Bac Giang; building OCOP product introduction points to promote them to visitors; and encouraging the formation of regional specialties of each locality.

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Developing OCOP products, tourism, New direction ,great potential
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