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Hung Temple Relic Site welcomes over 60,000 visitors

Despite the rainy weather, more than 60,000 visitors and pilgrims from across the country flocked to the Hung Temple Historical Relic Site in the northern province of Phu Tho on April 17-18 to offer incense and pay tribute to Hung Kings, according to the relic’s management board.

The management board has coordinated with relevant units to implement security and order plans, while putting 70 electric cars into operations to facilitate tourists’ travel between attractions.

Hung Temple Relic Site, Phu  Tho province, offer incense, Hung Kings, cultural activities, rowing tournament

Dozens of thousands of people arrive at the Hung Temple Historical Relic Site to offer incense to the Hung Kings.

In addition, Covid-19 prevention and control measures have also been carried out, including reminding people to wear face masks in public places and arranging enough antiseptic solution at the areas of pagodas, temples and venues for cultural activities.

* On April 18, Phu Tho Province held a rowing tournament on a lake within Van Lang Park drawing the participation of 130 athletes on six teams from Viet Tri City and the districts of Tam Nong, Doan Hung, Thanh Thuy and Cam Khe. The event was part of the 2021 Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary – Hung Temple Festival programme. Rowers competed fiercely on a distance of 2.6 kilometres, with the first prize claimed by the team Viet Tri 1. Teams from Tam Nong and Cam Khe took the second and third prize, respectively.

* On April 17-18, on a water stage at Khuon Muoi Lake within the Hung Temple Relic Site, the delegation of the Phu Tho Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism displayed a water puppet show to serve locals and visitors to the 2021 Hung Temple Festival.

* On the evening of April 18, the National Volleyball Championship – Hung Vuong Cup 2021 officially opened at the Phu Tho Provincial Gymnasium, with the participation of four men’s teams and four women’s teams.

The tournament, held annually in Phu Tho, is under the professional competition system of the Vietnam Volleyball Federation. The two final matches will take place on the evenings of April 20 and 21.

* On the same occasion, more than 150 orchid loves representing over 100 orchid establishments nationwide has implemented the programme “Bringing orchids to the origin”, during which orchids donated by localities will be transplanted in the system of green trees at the Hung Temple Historical Relic Site. The activity shows respect and tribute to ancestors of the nation, contributing to beautifying the landscape of the relic.

* On Sunday, an exhibition on “Dong Son Culture” opened at the National History-Culture Park in Ho Chi Minh City, showcasing 37 artifacts on production tools, weapons, bronze drums, daily utensils and jewelries. A Chung cake making contest in commemoration of Hung Kings was also organised at the temple dedicated to Hung Kings on the campus of the Park.

Covid-19 prevention prioritised at Hung Kings Temple Festival
For the Hung Kings Temple Festival to take place safely and efficiently this year, authorities of the northern province of Phu Tho has directed relevant units to build detailed plans ensuring conditions to thoroughly implement Covid-19 prevention and control measures.
Book festival to open at Vietnam National Library
The Book Festival 2021 with the theme "Book - Mission to Develop Reading Culture " will take place at the National Library of Vietnam in Hanoi from April 16 to 21, as part of the activities to mark Vietnam Book Day (April 21) and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23).
Over 100 educational institutions join enrolment and career counselling festival
The 2021 enrolment and career counselling festival officially opened at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology on April 11.
National Online Book Festival launched
The 2021 National Online Book Festival will be held from April 17 to May 15 with a variety of activities nationwide in response to Vietnam Book Day (April 21).
Young Photography Festival 2021 launched
The Young Photography Festival 2021 has been launched for all Vietnamese citizens aged between 18 and 35 who live both inside and outside the country.

Source: NDO

Hung Temple Relic Site, Phu Tho province, offer incense, Hung Kings, cultural activities, rowing tournament
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