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When orchards laden with fruits in Bac Giang become tourism attraction

(BGO) - As the district with biggest fruit area and annual revenue of billions VND in the northern province of Bac Giang, Luc Ngan has created orchard tourism in associated with product promotion and consumption, hence helping enhance economic value.

Fruit strengths

Well known as the lychee hub up to 15,100 ha, Luc Ngan district has recently changed to form intensive and centralized cultivation area of orange and pomelo with nearly 6,500 ha, consisting of over 4,000 ha of orange and nearly 2,500 ha of pomelo, which bring one trillion VND per year.

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Luc Ngan district has focused on introducing unique tourism products by integrating actual experience at fruit orchard with preservation and promotion of cultural identities as well as establishment of new tours to draw more visitors.

The citrus fruit productivity in the district is estimated at over 53,000 tonnes, up about 15,000 tonnes year on year. Local farmers have developed more than 1,000 ha of fruits under VietGAP procedure with many orchards certified.

Due to the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic nationwide this year, the district People’s Committee selected to develop community based tourism in connection to fruit orchard experience instead of the trade fair for orange, pomelo and signature products which introduces unique and special tourism products in the district, integrates the actual orchard experience and preservation the cultural identities of ethnic people, create new tours to draw more visitors.

Focusing best conditions for the season

Vice Director of Luc Ngan district People’s Committee Nguyen The Thi said: “The district prepared detailed plan for experience tourism on orange and pomelo season in associated with Covid-19 prevention and control. Local authority worked and discussed with the organization and individual buyers of orange, pomelo and local signature products to seize the difficulties and give timely assistance in fruit consumption”.

The family of Tran Dinh En in Tan Truong village, Thanh Hai commune, Luc Ngan district is now busy with decorating the orchard, caring for the sweet pomelo trees to welcome visitors in the upcoming days in line with the directive from district authority.

In 2021, the district develops about 28,000 ha of fruits, including 15,450 ha of lychee, 12,550 ha of other fruits of longan, orange, pomelo, guava with total productivity of over 60,000 tonnes.

With total area of nearly two ha, En’s family plans to grow various types of pomelo. This year, the green skin pomelo yields about five tonnes. With the selling price of 30,000 VND per kg, his family can earn about 150 million VND. Regarding the sweet pomelo, the productivity is expected about 20 tonnes of fruits to bring income of one billion VND per year.

Though Covid-19 pandemic has been well controlled in Bac Giang province in general and Luc Ngan district in particular, the promotion activities for orange, pomelo and signature products have been done both online and direct methods, especially organizing Orange and Pomelo Week in associated with orchard and spiritual tourism.

The activeness in building the consumption scenarios helped Luc Ngan district and Bac Giang province overcome the pandemic and succeed in consuming the farm produce.

Typically in 2021 lychee season, the activeness, flexibility and adaptation to Covid-19 disease helped Luc Ngan earn 3,259 billion VND from lychee production and 1,544 billion VND from utility services.

From a difficult countryside, Luc Ngan district has turned to key fruit hub in the country with annual revenue of billions VND by restructuring the agriculture sector, promoting the advantages of climate and geography, enhancing the application of technology into production as well as the renovation and industriousness of local farmers.

The sweet fruit season is now coming. The promise land is ready to welcome visitors near and far.

Bac Giang opens markets to consume orange, pomelo and key farm produce
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) on November 11 chaired and cooperated with the Ministries of Industry and Trade (MoIT), Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to launch teleconference about consumption of orange, pomelo, local key and signature farm produce with ten bridge points  in Bac Giang and major one in Luc Ngan district. It was live on Bac Giang Television chanel.
Luc Ngan gets ready to welcome visitors to orange and pomelo season
(BGO) – Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has actively implemented various solutions to quickly introduce experimental tourism in orange and pomelo season to promote and effectively exploit the potential and advantages of ecological and experimental tourism at fruit growing area together with unique cultural identities and fruit consumption.
Luc Ngan supports consumption of orange, pomelo and signature products
(BGO)- Currently, the citrus growing area in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province is 6,740 hectares including 4,142 hectares of orange, 2,252 hectares of pomelo and 346 hectares of other citrus trees. The annual output reaches more than 60,000 tonnes. 
Bac Giang actively works to sell oranges, grapefruits
(BGO) - There is more than a month left for Bac Giang’s oranges and grapefruits to enter the main harvest season. For the products to be sold smoothly, localities and relevant agencies have coordinated to come up with plans to find consumption markets for the fruits, helping local farmers to sell them conveniently.
Building traceability system for Luc Ngan oranges
(BGO) - This year, 10 orange-growing households in Dong Quyt village, Tan Moc commune (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province) are supported to implement a model of growing oranges up to VietGAP standards and build a traceability system.

Source: Dan Viet

Orchards laden with fruits, Bac Giang province, tourism attraction, biggest fruit area, annual revenue, orchard tourism, product promotion and consumption, enhance economic value, orange and pomelo season
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