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Dual benefits from rural tourism

(BGO) – Tapping the advantage of agriculture production and cultural signature in villages, many businesses and cooperatives in Bac Giang province have joined hands with farmers to invest and develop tourism.

Joint effort of enterprise and farmer

After six years of operation, Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative (Yen Dung Cooperative) in Tien Dung commune (Yen Dung district) expanded the production scale up to 65 hectare from 13 hectares in the middle of this year, including 15 hectares of new and high value vegetable grown in net house and membrane house.

Dual benefits, rural tourism, Bac Giang province, agriculture production, cultural signature, new style rural, experimental tourism, community based tourism

Children experience at Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative.

Joining with local effort to build new style rural, Yen Dung Cooperative also invested nearly 4 billion VND (161,000 USD) to construct experimental tourism site within the production area in Tien Dung commune which allow visitors to experience and practise to grow and take care of the crop, harvest and preliminary process the product.

For nearly one month of operation, the site has welcomed over 1,000 students from kindergarten and primary schools in the district and Bac Giang city. Teacher Trinh Thi Thuyen, owner of Quang Anh Kindergarten in Ngo Quyen ward (Bac Giang city) highly spoke of the site.

“Visiting Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative, the children have spacious and clean area to explore and study about crops and farming procedure. It really attracts them,” she said.

More than 600 farming cooperatives, 150 centralized vegetable and fruit growing areas and nearly 260 growing area codes, 750 recognized cultural and historical relic sites become huge advantage for localities to develop rural tourism.

Additionally, the province now has 180 products rated under One Commune One Product programme (OCOP), which not only divesify source for souvenir and tourism gifts but also preserve and promote special value of traditional culture as well as promote the image of Bac Giang land and people to the visitor.

Exploiting this strength, many companies and cooperatives have cooperated with local farmers to organize various community based tourism spots, several of which have been popular among visitors like Than Truong Cooperative in Phon Xuong town (Yen The district), Dong Dao Community Based Tourism Cooperative in Quy Son commune (Luc Ngan district) among others.

State supports community based tourism site

Though some rural tourism models have been established in the province under the style of homestay, farmstay and experimental farms, the number and scale are restricted. Besides, the tourism projects have been delayed with most of big investors in researching and planning steps.

Dual benefits, rural tourism, Bac Giang province, agriculture production, cultural signature, new style rural, experimental tourism, community based tourism

The orchard site is built to welcome visitors to Giap Son commune (Luc Ngan district).

To assist the models, the provincial People’s Committee registered and suggested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development supporting 11 rural tourism models in buidling new style rural in last September.

Developing rural tourism is one of the key solutions and tasks in National Target Programme on building new style rural in 2021 – 2025 period. In late 2021, the provincial People’s Committee issued Community based tourism development Project in Bac Giang province in 2022 – 2030 period.

Accordingly, in this period, the province will allocate expense to support 35 sites of community based tourism development, prioritize to pilot two community based tourism models for widespreading, including Dong Dau ecotourism site – Bau Lay lake and An Phu Cooperative (boat of river) in Bac Hoa village, Tan Son commune (Luc Ngan district).

These are two out ot 11 models selected and suggested by the province ti receive central assitance. Two sites have a lot of potential for community based tourism with signature features.

Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Duong Thanh Tung said: “Developing rural tourism will bring dual benefits to the people that are to develop the advantage and potentials of agriculture, craft village, culture and eco environment and enhance the quality of spirital and material life for rural residents. Recently, the sector has collaborated with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to consult the provincial People’s Committee to submit the provincial People’s Council to issue Resolution supporting tourism sites which are self invested by individuals so as to boost the switch of rural economic structure toward multi value integration and sustainable development”.

Sy Quyet
Bac Giang tourism week themed “To the sweet fruit land” features attractive events
(BGO) – The Luc Ngan district People’s Committee in Bac Giang province on November 22 launched the Tourism Programme “To the sweet fruit land” (Programme) in 2022 at the Center Square with Mai Son, Permananent Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) in attendance.
150 businesses to join survey and talkshow about tourism introduction
(BGO) – The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (DCST) in Bac Giang province has cooperated with Luc Ngan district People’s Committee to organize survey and talkshow to introduce tourism product from November 24 – 27, 2022 within the framework of “Sweet fruit season tour” launched by the DCST.
Bac Giang launches sweet fruit tourism programme
(BGO) – The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Bac Giang province has issued Plan to organize sweet fruit tourism programme (Programme), launch survey and talkshow to link and promote tourism in 2022.
Bac Giang Culture – Tourism Week 2023 to take place on February 1 – 6
(BGO) – The Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee has issued the Plan to organize Spring Festival and Culture – Tourism Week in 2023 to introduce the image of Bac Giang land, people, special and typical cultural heritage to local residents, domestic and foreign visitors.
Bac Giang thoroughly prepares for 2023 Spring Festival and Culture – Tourism Week
(BGO) – The Permanent Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Mai Son on November 2 chaired a meeting with organizations, agencies and localities to finalize the scheme of “Buddha music night” at Vinh Nghiem pagoda (Yen Dung district), procession of sutra – carved wood block “Yen Tu nhat trinh and Cu tran lac dao phu” from Vinh Nghiem pagoda to Thuong pagoda, Tay Yen Tu (Son Dong district).

Dual benefits, rural tourism, Bac Giang province, agriculture production, cultural signature, new style rural, experimental tourism, community based tourism
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