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Spring comes on the western side of Yen Tu

(BGO) - As the Lunar New Year (Tet) approaches, those "guarding the forest" on the western side of Yen Tu mountain range are working day and night. For them, there is no full Tet holiday but Tet is associated with the forest.

We visited and extended Tet greetings to the Management Board of Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve in Son Dong district. Receiving us, Nguyen Van Diep, Deputy Director of the board and head of the forest protection unit of the nature reserve, said that Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve was established in 2002, stretching from Luc Son commune of Luc Nam district to An Lac commune of Son Dong district with more than 13,000 hectares of forest and special-use forest land.

Spring comes, western side, Yen Tu, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, guarding the forest, Yen Tu mountain range, Tet holiday, Nature Reserve

Officers of the forest protection unit of Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve patrol the forest.

During the Lunar New Year, the board has arranged two shifts, with half of the staff on duty around the clock at its office and six ranger stations in the areas to patrol the forests, prevent bad guys from destroying forests and causing forest fires, or stand ready to support other stations when needed.

The road to the ranger station in Tan Lap is no longer a dirt road like before but has been paved with concrete. On its two sides, there are no longer old thatched houses but instead spacious tiled houses, bringing new vitality to the highland of Son Dong. On both sides of the road, in front of the doors, and in the yards, many Dao ethnic families have hung the national flags and are busy cleaning their houses to prepare for the New Year with a hope for a better life.

This is one of the stations that play a key role in forest protection in Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve. Truong Van Son, head of the station, welcomed us with a bright smile. Here, we felt a warm Tet atmosphere, with a five-fruit tray, peach branches, and kumquat trees thoughtfully prepared by the rangers to welcome the Lunar New Year.

Son said: “The ranger station in Tan Lap area is staffed with three rangers who directly manage and protect nearly 2,700 hectares of forest and special-use forest land. We live with the forests more than with our families. We have no Saturdays or Sundays. Regardless of day and night, whenever receiving news that someone is destroying forest resources in the area or orders to support other stations, we immediately set off on duty.

On the way to patrol the forest, a few stories shared by members of the delegation made our journey less difficult.

Since befriending the forests, Son has worked for six local ranger stations. This will be the 18th Lunar New Year in a row he cannot enjoy a full Tet with his family. Not only him, but everyone in the unit is the same. They have to take turns on duty, welcoming spring and celebrating Tet with the forest.

Spring comes, western side, Yen Tu, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, guarding the forest, Yen Tu mountain range, Tet holiday, Nature Reserve

Rangers of the Tan Lap station in Son Dong district patrol the forest.

Creeping in the forest, although it was cold, all delegation members were drenched in sweat. In the middle of the jungle, I took a breath of fresh air, enjoyed the faint scent of wild flowers, and listened to the sounds of leaves and birds. Everything seemed to be in harmony, making nature, heaven and earth here peaceful and quiet.

In the run-up to Tet, when patrolling, rangers did not find bad guys destroying the forest. Green forest is a meaningful spring gift for those on duty. Thanks to the dedicated officers, the forest in this area has been protected and is no longer a deforestation "hot spot" as before.

Spring has come to all roads. In the midst of the forests in Tay Yen Tu, rangers continue to cross the forests and streams to quietly protect the forests. For them, the forests have become an integral part of their daily lives. And Tet only comes when the forests are peaceful.


Duong Dai Tien
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Spring comes, western side, Yen Tu, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, guarding the forest, Yen Tu mountain range, Tet holiday, Nature Reserve
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