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Passengers welcome VNeID use for air travel check-in

As Noi Bai International Airport officially started the implementation of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV)’ s direction on the use of Level 2 electronic identification (VNeID) authentication for air passengers on domestic flights from August 2, the airport saw passengers eager to the application.

According to an airport leading official, most of the passengers using their VNeID app for check-in procedures are young and they don’t face any difficulties or problems.

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A passenger uses VNeID at Noi Bai International Airport's security counter.

On the morning of August 2 only, more than 100 passengers used VNeID instead of physical IDs.

VNeID is a mobile app developed by the Ministry of Public Security to digitally store a citizen’s ID card as well as other documents such as driving license and social insurance card.

For Vietnamese citizens, VNeID is equivalent to a physical ID card, while for foreigners, the app is valid as a passport as well as other international travel documents.

Citizens can visit local police stations to apply for certification of their electronic ID accounts.

Previously, from June 1 to August 1, 2023, Noi Bai International Airport implemented a pilot programme on the use of VNeID accounts. During the period, nearly 7,000 passengers used VNeID to check-in through the airport.

According to an initial assessment report data, the time for aviation security staff to visually check VNeID account for a passenger (excluding queuing time) ranges from 10 - 140 seconds. The check-in time by scanning the QR code of an account ranges from 5 to 15 seconds.

The airport representative said the use of the VNeID app helps facilitate management at the airport and minimises security risks while saving time in processing procedures.

However, some issues need to be addressed relating to Internet connection, passengers’ unfamiliarity to the use of the application or forgetting login password. Some passengers, after opening VNeID, their IDs are found having expired.

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Source: VNA

VNeID use, air travel check-in, air passengers, domestic flights, check-in procedures, international travel documents, scanning the QR code
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