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Wonder of nature and humanity

When ripe rice season hit the Northwest highlands, the image of yellow Mam Xoi Hill in La Pan Tan Commune, Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province, covers social networks and travel forums.

Everyone has heard about it and wants to come, and even those who have come to hill still hope to return to admire the enchanting beauty of terraced fields that were created amidst the vast mountains and forests by human efforts.

Wonder of nature and humanity, ripe rice season, yellow Mam Xoi Hill, Yen Bai Province, enchanting beauty,  vast mountains

Mam Xoi Hill in La Pan Tan Commune, Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province.

Now, vehicles to the highlands and accommodation are no longer so rare. If you do not join a tour, you should take the time to research and book accommodation and vehicles in advance, so you can experience for yourselves. 

From Hanoi, a journey of about two days and three nights is suitable for busy people who still want to take “check-in” photos at nearly all the famous beautiful places during the ripe rice season of Mu Cang Chai District.

Interestingly, in recent years, rustic homestays have been always full around September and October. Regarding food and drink services, visitors do not need to worry too much because most roadside restaurants serve fresh and delicious food at uniform prices.

Mam Xoi Hill is a folk name based on the unique round shape of a field located on a high mountain in La Pan Tan Commune, which is about 8 km from the district’s centre.

 Mam Xoi Hill has become a symbol of Yen Bai tourism during yellow season in particular and Northwestern region’s tourism in general. At an altitude of about 1,100 m above sea level, the air here is always cool. 

The autumn sun is like pouring honey onto each yellow rice terrace amidst mountains. Mam Xoi is in the middle and round like a tray of sticky rice and also like a gem. 

To have this terraced field, H'Mong people in Ta Chi Lu Village had to spend decades persistently reclaiming, breaking the land, weeding, watering, planting, and cultivating. Now the fields not only provide rice but also bring significant revenues from tourism services.

During the ripe rice season, there are several thousand visitors to the rice terrace fields every weekend. Warm sunshine, fragrant rice and children laughing on the hillside create a picturesque scene with an irresistible attraction for many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Source: NDO

Wonder of nature and humanity, ripe rice season, yellow Mam Xoi Hill, Yen Bai Province, enchanting beauty, vast mountains
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