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Bac Giang: Good signals from "non-smoke industry"

(BGO) - After a long time of "freezing" due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, implementing the Government's tourism opening policy, the authorities and businesses in Bac Giang province are stepping up activities to restore and stimulate tourism.

Visitors increase again

Despite being affected by the rain season and the Covid-19 epidemic, in the past nearly three months, the Tay Yen Tu spiritual-ecological tourist area (Son Dong district) welcomed about 50,000 visitors, of whom nearly 30,000 used the cable car service. Recently, there were seven travel businesses (inside and outside the province) bringing tourists here for sightseeing. 45 cabins and 15 electric tuk tuks in the tourist area have regularly operated to serve tourists.

Bac Giang, Good signals, non-smoke industry

Visitors at the Tay Yen Tu spiritual-ecological tourist area. Photo: Xuan Thoa.

To prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, the cabins are regularly disinfected and the number of people on each cabin is reduced from 8 to 4-6 people. All 100 employees here are still working, not having to stop working or take rotating leave as a few months ago. "We continue to connect with tourism businesses inside and outside the province to bring tourists here. It is forecast that from the beginning of April onwards, the number of visitors may increase,” said Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Managing Director of the Tay Yen Tu spiritual-ecological tourist area.

At the Suoi Mo eco-tourism area (Luc Nam district), since the beginning of January, it has hosted about 20,000 visitors, an increase of 60 percent compared to the same period last year. Visitors came here mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. According to a representative of the area’s Management Board, the above figure is not large, but this is a good sign in the context of tourism activities being "frozen" for a long time due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This year, the Suoi Mo eco-tourism area strives to welcome about 180,000 visitors. It is actively promoting and introducing itself on the media and social networks to attract visitors.

At some community-based tourism sites such as Ven village in Xuan Luong commune (Yen The), An Lac commune (Son Dong) and Vinh Nghiem pagoda (Yen Dung), Xuong Giang temple (Bac Giang city) and Bo Da pagoda (Viet Yen), on weekends, the number of visitors tends to increase.

On this occasion, the activities of travel businesses in the province also see good signals. In the last two weeks, the Tre Viet International Travel Company, the Dinh Anh International Travel Trading Co., Ltd., and the Viet Hung Education and Tourism Joint Stock Company have witnessed the increasing number of groups booking to travel by air.

Stepping up promotion and linkages

In order to increase the number of tourists coming to Bac Giang, especially when Vietnam fully opened the door to welcome international tourists from March 15, promotion and linkage activities have been accelerated by relevant units and sectors.

Bac Giang, Good signals, non-smoke industry

Tourists visit Vinh Nghiem pagoda (Yen Dung).

Luu Xuan San, Director of the provincial Center for Information and Tourism Promotion, said that recently, the unit has operated a smart tourism portal to serve the province’s tourism promotion, linkage and development. The portal integrates many preeminent features, including introduction of tourist sites and attractions, landscapes, cuisine, shopping places for shopping, accommodations and tours...

Visitors can also scan QR codes with smartphones to look up and capture information and activities related to tourism. The center will continue to organize surveys of tourist sites and attractions in the two provinces of Quang Ninh and Hai Duong to connect tours and tourism routes with Bac Giang. It is building and operating the tour "Journey to discover Bac Giang cultural heritage".

In March, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold a conference to deploy solutions to stimulate tourism demand in 2022 with the participation of representatives of tourist sites, destinations, and tourism business cooperatives in the province.

In particular, in April, the department will coordinate with relevant localities and units to organize a survey of tourist sites and fruit tree areas and a workshop to develop typical tourism products of the Tay Yen Tu relic and landscape area.

According to Tran Minh Ha, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, these activities are aimed at surveying and introducing tourist areas, attractions and fruit tree areas to attract tourists and support people in selling agricultural products; forming linkages and cooperation in tourism development with provinces, cities and businesses. It will acquire opinions of culture and tourism experts as well as travel businesses inside and outside the province to develop the Tay Yen Tu relic and landscape area into a national tourist site in the 2025-2030 period.

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By Cong Doanh

Bac Giang, Good signals, non-smoke industry
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