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Impression of experimental tour

(BGO) – Tapping the advantages, Bac Giang branch of Tre Viet International Joint Stock Company (Tre Viet JSC) continues linking to owners of gardens in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) to open tours on lychee season.

After Covid-19 disease was controlled, since 2022, Tre Viet JSC has re-started several tours. Besides traditional schemes, the travel company offered new tours themed “Bac Giang – to the land of sweet fruits” to the list of domestic tour.

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Visitors capture beautiful moment at Luc Ngan district.

Promoting the result, this year, Tre Viet JSC continues introducing tour to Luc Ngan district with renovation in tour organization and operations. Accordingly, the company added more experimental activities like harvesting lychee, visiting Thu Duong noodle making village in Nam Duong commune.

Particularly, to exploit spiritual and cultural values, this year, the company provided two day tour which offered more experimental activities in Suoi Mo Ecotourism site in Luc Nam district, one night stay at homestay in lychee garden in addition to one day scheme.

To create highlights, the company linked to 5 owners of fine gardens in the communes of Kien Lao, Tru Huu, Quy Son, Hong Giang and Chu township to provide activity of harvesting lychee at night for visitors on demand, organize gala night themed “Luc Ngan, sweet fruit season”.

For nearly one month introducing about lychee season tour, Tre Viet JSC has had ten delegations with nearly 300 visitors to enjoy the experiences.

Pham Thi Thu Ha, a visitor from Hanoi shared: “I listened a lot about Bac Giang province and the beautiful lychee season. When I knew about the tour “Bac Giang – to the land of sweet fruits”, I and my friends placed two-day tours to enjoy the lychee hub Luc Ngan”.

Apart from renovating the tours, Tre Viet JSC introduced many promotional forms, including a discount of 10 percent and a tourism hat for visitors who book tour in June

“The tourism linkage between business and farmer in association with consuming local products helps bring more income, change the thought of lychee growers toward multivalve production,” said Dinh Van Phuong, Vice Head of Luc Ngan district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Actually, the chain linkage for production development in connection with tourism has created advantages and conveniences because parties do not need to invest in new tourism site, planes and human resources.

However, according to representatives from Tre Viet JSC, due to poor infrastructure and hot weather condition in lychee season, many visitors are afraid of travelling route.

To fully tap the advantages, Luc Ngan district should lure more investors to build big and star hotels, encourage farmers to link and open transportation service to take visitors to explore lychee garden by electric car, buffalo cart among others. It will build signature identity, create more job and income for local people.

Sy Quyet
Visiting picturesque lychee garden in Bac Giang
(BGO) – Thanks to high intensive cultivation technique, many households in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) have not only produced lychees meeting export standard to Japan, Australia, the US, China …but also created picturesque lychee gardens that attract numerous visitors.
Highway brighten up with red lychees in Bac Giang
A section of National Highway 31 going through Bac Giang Province’s Luc Ngan District is overwhelmed with farmers distributing lychees on motorbikes. The lychee harvest season in Luc Ngan starts at the end of May and lasts for more than a month. According to Bac Giang’s Department of Industry and Trade, farmers have sold more than 35,000 tons of the fruit so far this season.
Vietnamese-grown seedless lychee exported to Japan
Seedless lychee, grown commercially for the first time in the central province of Thanh Hoa, has been exported to Japan, where it is sold at VND800,000 ($34) a kilogram.
Bac Giang ships 56 tonnes of fresh lychees to China by rail
The northern province of Bac Giang organised a ceremony on June 15 to mark the first shipment of 56 tonnes of Luc Ngan fresh lychees to China from Kep railway station. 
Unique wedding decoration with Luc Ngan lychees
(BGO) - Different from the usual wedding decoration with colorful fresh flowers, the wedding of the groom Hoang Duc Manh in Thanh Hai commune and the bride Tran Diep Anh in Le Hong Phong residential group of Chu town (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province) was decorated with lychee which brought a rustic and simple space with bright red tones for the important event.

Impression of experimental tour, Bac Giang province, Bac Giang tourism, Tapping the advantages, lychee garden, two day tour, land of sweet fruits, homestay in lychee garden
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