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Banh chung Van, specialty of Hiep Hoa district

(BGO)- Banh Chung Van is a traditional specialty of Hiep Hoa district, which meets food safety standards. The product is rated 3-star OCOP of Bac Giang province.

The 3 well-known communes in making banh chung are Hoang Van, Hoang An and Thanh Van. Ingredients to make banh chung include glutinous rice, green bean, pork, chit leave and seasonings. Nep cai hoa vang (special glutinous rice) grown in the fields of Hoang Van and Thai Son communes is chosen to make banh chung.

Banh chung Van, specialty, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province, traditional specialty, 3-star OCOP product, food safety standards

Banh chung Van making contest is organised by Hiep Hoa district annually.

The white and large-size rice is immersed in water for 5 hours. After the rice is cleaned, it will be mixed with some salt for more flavour and preventing from being spoilt. Banh chung is wrapped with chit leave. After the makers cut off the leaves’ top and stalk, they are carefully washed then boiled until the water simmers. Next, the leaves are picked up to keep their soft and original flavor.

Besides, the pork is selected from the safe pig breeding farms. Green bean must be at the same size and have good quality. Makers use about 700 gram of glutinous rice, 200 gram bean and one long piece of pork for each banh chung.

Making technique is also very important to have beautiful and good products. Makers often use dried woods to boil banh chung instead of coal. The cakes are boiled 2 times in from 3 to 4 hours then being taken out, cleaned and rolled evenly to make them soft and tough.

To date, Hiep Hoa district is home to nearly 200 households who regularly make banh chung. Banh chung Van is well-known and bought as gifts. The cake has white colour as it is wrapped with chit leave. It is very soft with pleasant smell of glutinous rice and bean when the grains are in the original shape.

According to a representative of Hoang Van Agricultural Service Cooperative, although banh chung Van is popular, the production scale is still small. Most of the production facilities belong to private households. When receiving big orders, the households will ask for help from their neighbours and relatives.

Banh chung Van is made by traditional methods from existing local ingredients without additives. The trademark of banh chung Van, a traditional specialty, is affirmed based on the food safety standards to ensure the community’s health.

Banh chung Van is sold at the prices from 40,000 to 50,000 VND (1.7 to 2.2 USD) per each. On Tet occasion, especially from 20 December of Lunar calendar, banh chung is ordered by numerous customers. In recent years, Hiep Hoa district regularly organizes Banh chung Van festival on Tet occasion to improve making skills and promote the products as well. Thus, the trademark of banh chung van has been well-known by many people.


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Banh chung Van, specialty, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province, traditional specialty, 3-star OCOP product, food safety standards
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