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Bun ram, not your regular bowl of crab noodle soup

This dish is not as complicated as regular crab noodle soup. This bowl of fiddler crab noodle soup is simpler but even more impressive.

Aside from other Quy Nhon's specialties such as vermicelli with grilled pork and fried spring rolls, crispy crepes with jumping shrimp, mixed fermented pork, shrimp noodle soup, bun ram (fiddler crab noodle soup) is a cuisine that visitors should not miss when coming to this town. Many people mistake this for regular crab noodle soup at first glance, but the flavor is completely different. The flavor of the dish is determined by the quality of the fiddler crab meat.

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A bowl of fiddler crab noodle soup chock full of fiddler crab meat, served with herbs and grilled rice paper.

Locals are familiar with Lam Huu Hoang's eatery, which serves shrimp and fiddler crab noodle soup. Every morning, the shop sells hundreds of bowls for VND17,000 (72 cents) each. Hoang said that fiddler crab noodle soup is a specialty of Phu My District in Binh Dinh Province. This dish has been sold by his family for generations: it is an heirloom dish.

"Bun ram is as well known to the Phu My people as mi Quang - Quang-style noodle is to the Quang Nam people. This dish is known to almost every household in Phu My District and Tra O lagoon area (also known as Chau Truc lagoon). It is a low-cost dish that everyone enjoys. Many people love it," said Hoang.

The main ingredient is ram, which is also known as fiddler crab, from the Tra O lagoon. Although the ram shell is quite hard, its sweet meat makes it popular. After being caught, fiddler crabs are thoroughly washed, ground into a fine mixture, and cooked. Fiddler crab broth has a distinct sweet flavor. When eaten, diners can taste the naturally sweet flavor from the broth and the aroma of cilantro and green onions.

Bun ram, unlike crab noodle soup, does not have much seasoning or toppings, so the fiddler crab's flavor is strong and remains intact.

Bun ram, regular bowl, crab noodle soup, fiddler crab, Quy Nhon's specialties, heirloom dish, low-cost dish, strong and remains intact

A pot of broth full of fiddler crab meat is always kept hot.

Hoang even invested in a noodle making machine, so the noodles are always freshly made, remaining fully soft and being always served with a slightly chewy texture. Extra fiddler crab meat is available for VND12,000 per order. Crispy grilled rice paper is a popular side dish served with this meal. The addition costs VND3,000.

The majority of customers know about the restaurant through word of mouth. Hue, 62, has been coming to the restaurant for breakfast every morning for nearly a year. "I prefer dishes that aren't overly greasy or spicy, so the food here is ideal. The broth is also delicious. This restaurant is reasonably priced; I frequently order the larger bowl. The service is also excellent; they are polite and friendly, which is why I frequently come here to eat," Hue said.

The restaurant is open from 5:30 to 11:00 a.m. and then again from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. Motorcycles and small cars can be parked here. Because the restaurant is located close to the main road, it can get hot at noon.

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Bun ram, regular bowl, crab noodle soup, fiddler crab, Quy Nhon's specialties, heirloom dish, low-cost dish, strong and remains intact
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