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Sheraton Saigon unveils 2023 Mooncake Collection

Sheraton Saigon's Mooncake Collection embodies the aspirations of a dazzling universe, comprising three luxurious boxes featuring authentic mooncakes handcrafted by the hotel’s artisan chefs.

Since 2004, throughout nearly two decades of producing high-quality handcrafted mooncakes, the hotel’s products have been favored for their smooth-textured fillings, which bring a sensation of mild sweetness and a distinctive aroma.

Sheraton Saigon, 2023 Mooncake Collection, dazzling universe, luxurious boxes,  artisan chefs, authentic mooncakes

Each mooncake box is meticulously encased with two savory and two sweet fillings.

All mooncakes are prepared by the hotel’s team of artisan chefs, embodying over 30 years of experience with a lineage traceable to the traditional Chinese methods of preparation.

According to Julian Wong, General Manager of Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, the hand-crafted mooncakes are the most respected branded product produced in the hotel.

They are proud to be the only five-star hotel producing luxury handcrafted mooncakes in-house, handcrafting well over 125,000 cakes per year.

Gifting mooncakes has become a favorite tradition during the mid-autumn festival. This year, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers unveils its 2023 concept, themed "Autumn Dream," with three luxurious boxes.

The first box is the standard version called Mong Thu Yen Canh (Serenity in the Autumn Dream), boasting a rectangular design with a sheer shape, representing a magic box filled with floral dreams. Covered by delicate fabrics embossed with elegant patterns, the box’s two layers resemble the combination of turquoise and coral.

The second box is the premium version, Mong Thu Phi Dieu (Flying Birds in the Autumn Dream), which prides itself on its luxury design. The box is likewise a sophisticated travel bag, with sky blue and leather motifs, encompassing clear-cut embossed patterns, and locked with a golden brass buckle.

The most anticipated box of the collection is the limited-edition VVIP version. It features a classic vintage bottle green, exemplifying an awe-inspiringly structured, luxurious, and refined box.

Named Mong Thu Huyen Vi (A Dream Towards a Surreal Universe), the third box is the highlight of the collection with its eye-catching look. It boasts shining leather topstitched with a diamond motif hooked with a golden logo buckle for an opulent, captivating design.

This year’s collection consists of eight fillings, embracing classics and newly-curated flavors, including: mixed nuts, scallop X.O, white lotus, pandan lotus, black and white sesame, green tea, and cranberry.

Sheraton Saigon, 2023 Mooncake Collection, dazzling universe, luxurious boxes,  artisan chefs, authentic mooncakes

Each mooncake is handcrafted with a signature thin crust highlighting golden shades with vividly molded patterns spotlighted by the Sheraton’s iconic S logo.

In addition, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers puts a spin on the traditional flavor by debuting its imperial Long Jing tea flavor.

Having worked at Li Bai since the opening of its inaugural outlet 20 years ago, Chef Nhieu has been the man behind mooncake creation and production.

He said what makes the artisanal mooncakes unique is they are produced in-house: from assembling, baking to packaging. All are handcrafted by the hotel’s artisan chefs honoring their rich heritage with homestyle taste and culture.

The mooncake collection has a variety of price options, from VND1.188 million for a 4-cake box of 150 gram each and VND1.388 million for a 220 gram one. For the 220-gram cake box, customers can choose between cakes with egg yolk and without egg yolk. The limited edition is priced at VND2.788 million for a 4-cake box of 220 gram each.

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Source: VnExpress

Sheraton Saigon, 2023 Mooncake Collection, dazzling universe, luxurious boxes, artisan chefs, authentic mooncakes
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