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Australia’s magazine highly values top seven destinations in Vietnam 2023

In its special edition released on July 16, Australia's leading travel magazine, Escape, delighted Australian readers with the image of the Golden Bridge and the highly valued top seven cities of Vietnam including Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho.

In particular, the Southeast Asia edition of Escape magazine devoted two large pages featuring shimmering images of the Golden Bridge (in Da Nang City) to open the article titled "Thrill and Chill" by Ronan O’Connell, aiming to select the seven top destinations in Vietnam in 2023.

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Sun World Ba Na Hills with many experiences suitable for the whole family.

Returning to Vietnam for the 14th time, during a month-long trip around the S-shaped land, Ronan affirmed the country has never stopped surprising him and he voted Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Sa Pa, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Da Nang as best cities to visit in Vietnam.

According to Ronan O’Connell, Da Nang is the most family-friendly city in Southeast Asia behind Singapore. “Da Nang is modern, organised, clean, peaceful, has minimal traffic, and is hemmed by natural splendour, with a sparkling coastline to the east, and verdant hills to the west”, noted Ronan O’Connell.

The article also highlighted several important destinations in Da Nang such as Da Nang Cathedral, the Museum of Cham Sculpture, and the pretty Apec Park, which are only 3km inland from a 30km stretch of interrupted, attractive beaches.

Not only has it many attractions, shopping areas and nightlife activities, Da Nang is more attractive than other cities in the region thanks to the Sun World Ba Na Hills resort town on the mountain, with many experiences suitable for the whole family.

Perched 1500m above sea level on a forested mountain 45 minutes west of Da Nang, the resort town of Ba Na Hills heightens that city’s family appeal, said Ronan O'Connell. Parents can savour affordable spas, the plush Ba Na Hills Golf Club, picturesque Linh Ung Pagoda, and tasting sessions at Debay Wine Cellar. Meanwhile, kids will cherish Sun World Ba Na Hills with thrill rides, indoor rock climbing and a wax museum. Teenagers can fill their social media feeds with unique images at many photogenic locations.

During his trip to Vietnam, Ronan also commented that Vietnam's cities are developing rapidly and he wants to find peaceful places to balance this out. Therefore, in addition to picking out the top destinations, he also suggests peaceful "oases" near those destinations.

According to Ronan, travelers to Hoi An, a UNESCO heritage site, should not forget to walk in the evening to admire the shimmering ancient town in the colourful glow of thousands of paper lanterns. Hoi An’s iconic lanterns make a terrific souvenir.

About 1 hour drive west of Hoi An is My Son Sanctuary. Wandering among the ancient temples of one of the main Hindu temple centres in Southeast Asia, visitors can learn more about the golden age of the ancient Champa Kingdom.

Coming to Hue, what impressed Ronan was not only the architecture and culture of the ancient capital, but also Lang Co Bay, where the pristine beaches have still retained their essence and have not been commercialised. Located between the East Sea/South China Sea and shimmering Lap An Lagoon, Lang Co is really a destination not to be missed.

Talking about Hanoi, Ronan gave special compliments to the capital of Vietnam. “Hanoi may just be Asia’s finest city”. Few can compete with its rewarding blend of ancient sites, art galleries, energetic night-life, splendid parks, memorable food and extraordinary value, according to writer Ronan.

In particular, for 200 USD a day in Hanoi, you can stay at a five-star hotel, eat three superb meals, catch taxis all over town, and visit multiple attractions. Meanwhile, “try replicating that in Tokyo, Singapore or Hong Kong for less than 500 USD”.

Ronan also gave special favor to Sa Pa, which is 250km northwest of Hanoi. Ronan said, Sapa’s natural beauty is mesmerising and it is scattered across a mountainside, above an emerald valley of rice terraces.

Australia’s magazine, highly values, top seven destinations, Vietnam, special edition, leading travel magazine, Escape, Golden Bridge, Thrill and Chill

When the sun makes way for the light of lanterns, Hoi An is shimmering and enchanting.

The colourfully clothed Hmong, Giay, Tay, and Red Dao people were so taken by this scenery that these hill tribes arrived here more than 300 years ago and never left, noted Escape.

Ronan suggested that “travellers on a diet should sidestep Ho Chi Minh City, because its cuisine stalks you. Each day you’ll leave your hotel and enter a citywide banquet.” Walk left or right to pass restaurants serving suon nuong pork chops, vendors wedging grilled meat into ‘banh mi’ (baguettes), and carts selling ‘banh xeo’ crêpes that bulge with prawn.

According to Ronan's guide, from Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can drive about 3 hours southwest in the Mekong Delta to Can Tho. In the locality, visitors will experience floating markets somewhat more enchanting than the familiar floating market in Bangkok (Thailand).

Phong Dien market, 20km from the city centre, sees dozens of rowing boats collected on the placid Phong Dien River to trade fresh produce and local treats, like ice-cold sugarcane juice, added Ronan.

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Australia’s magazine, highly values, top seven destinations, Vietnam, special edition, leading travel magazine, Escape, Golden Bridge, Thrill and Chill
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