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Emulation movement of good production and business helps farmers enrich

(BGO) – Recently, the emulation movement of good production and business (GPB) among the farmers in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province has been widely developed to awake the creative and dynamic spirits of farmer members to enrich themselves.  

Diversifying the support channels

The GPB emulation movement and solidarity to enrich together are the key tasks of the Farmers’ Association. Vice Chairman of the district Farmers’ Association (DFA) Than Dang Phuong said: “Basing on the advantages of each commune, the DFA actively persuaded the members to gather and accumulate the fields, change the crop and breeding mechanism to enhance the productivity, quality, effectiveness and competitiveness. Annually, the district builds 25 outstanding GPB models for the farmer to follow”.

Emulation movement, good production and business, Bac Giang province, creative and dynamic spirits, support channels, Farmers’ Association

Farmer in Son Hai village, Trung Son commune (Viet Yen) gets rich from growing Dien pomelo.

The DFA also focused on creating the capital for production development. Adding to direct fund raising from the members, the district People’s Committee annually mobilizes 200 million VND (8,600 USD) from the budget to distribute to the DFA under the project “Developing and enhancing the operational efficiency of farmer support fund in the period 2019 - 2023”.

To date, the DFA has called for donation of over 2.1 billion VND (90,600 USD) to support the farmers at all levels. These amount was provided to the members as a loan for production development. In 2019, the DFA disbursed to 14 projects to support to grow the yellow pomelo in Huong Mai commune and vegetable in the net house in Thuong Lan commune.

The 2019 assessment showed that the district has more than 1,400 member households recognized as GPB farmer at district level and 274 GPB households at provincial level.

Additionally, the DFA has coordinated with Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University, Vocational Training Center (provincial Farmers’ Association) and district Center of Agricultural Service to open the courses to train and deliver the technology to the farmers, organize field trips to typical economic models in and outside the district and localities with creative method and high economic value.

The outstanding models

From the DFA movement, many members earn high income and help other households escape the poverty, contributing to boosting the local economic development.

The average income in the rural area hit 39 million VND (1,600 USD) per person per year in 2019 while the poor household reduced to 2.8 percent.

Emulation movement, good production and business, Bac Giang province, creative and dynamic spirits, support channels, Farmers’ Association

Diem Cong Diep in Xuan Minh village, Huong Mai commune earns high income from quail raising model.

The Farmers’ Chapter in Son Hai village, Trung Son commune is one of the typical units in changing the crop varieties to bring high income. The Head of the Farmers’ Chapter in Son Hai village Nguyen Van Xe said: “The initial success of some members inspires all other members in the chapter and many local residents to grow the pomelo. It helps bring an annual income of 70 – 80 million VND per sao (old measuring unit equal to 360 square meters)”.

Dien Cong Diep in Xuan Minh village, Huong Mai commune is a typical GPB member. Now he is owner of a big quail breeding farm in the district. 10 years ago, Diep made a bank loan to buy nearly 1,000 quails.

Thanks to the support of the Farmers’ Association in the district and commune, he gradually studied and realized the model at the same time. His farm now raises more than 8,000 quails which give 2 batches of egg per year (each includes 14,000 eggs). All the eggs are delivered to the incubating facilities. His model earn a benefit of some 200 million VND per year.

Currently, Viet Yen district has over 9,000 models with an income of over 100 million VND per year. To promote the movement’s efficiency, the Farmers’ Association at all levels will further accelerate the consultation to the farmers, focus on delivering the advanced technology to apply into production and prioritize the preferential loan access in the upcoming time.

Besides, the district People’s Committee is urged to attract the investment to build the processing areas and link to boost up the farm produce consumption while regularly organizing the trade promotion sessions, opening the booths to showcase, introduce and sell safe agricultural products.

Bac Giang farm produce store opens in Hanoi
(BGO) – Implementing the instruction of the provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Industry and  Trade on December 1 opened the store to introduce and sell the signature and key farm produce of Bac Giang province in Hanoi as well as promote the orange and pomelo grown under VietGAP procedure with stamp for origin traceability of Luc Ngan district. 
Increase value of signature farm produce
(BGO) – Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) has many signature products preferred by a wide range of customers such as Thai Son glutinous rice, Hoang Luong water dropwort and Van Chung cake among others. The district is now highly focusing on increasing the productivity and quality as well as building the trademark to improve the economic value for the farm produce.    
Bac Giang to open farm produce store and promote Luc Ngan orange, pomelo in Hanoi in early December
(BGO) – According to the Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT), to develop and promote the trademark as well as focus on consuming Luc Ngan orange, pomelo and signature, key and potential products of Bac Giang province in Hanoi city, the DoIT planned to open a store on December 1, 2019 in Hanoi to sell the key and signature agricultural products of the province as well as promote Luc Ngan orange and pomelo.  
Enhancing values of Bac Giang’s farm produce
(BGO)- In 2019, the Department of Industry and Trade supported enterprises and cooperatives producing under the value chain in Bac Giang province in packaging design, labeling and stamping origin traceability helping them to improve goods value and boost consumption.
Bac Giang boosts farm produce trademark development towards clean agriculture
(BGO)- The northern province of Bac Giang is endowed with rich land, favourable terrain and climate to develop high-tech agriculture with many kinds of valuable farm produce. As defining it a strength of the local, Bac Giang province has provided a number of policies and schemes to support farmers and accelerate investment attraction in agriculture especially commodity products for export.

Thu Loi

Emulation movement, good production and business, Bac Giang province, creative and dynamic spirits, support channels, Farmers’ Association
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