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Bac Giang strives to cover 80 percent of IP workers with third Covid-19 vaccine shot by late January

(BGO) – According to the Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB), Bac Giang now has 385 operating companies in the industrial parks (IP) with more than 190,000 labours, 98.57 percent and 97.95 percent of whom received one and two vaccine shot respectively.

Since December, all companies in the IP have focused on administering third vaccine jab to over 65 percent of the workers, mostly in Quang Chau and Van Trung IP.

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Many workers at Quang Chau industrial park are administered third Covid-19 vaccine shot.

As schedule, from now till the end of January 2022, the provincial IPMB will organize two vaccination campaigns to deliver third shot for IP workers so as to cover about 80 percent of total labours while the remaining cases will be vaccinated in February, 2022.

Together with inoculation, the provincial IPMB ordered the businesses to call on and take care of the workers voluntarily staying at the company on Tet occasion.

After Lunar New Year holiday, all labours must show RT-PCR negative result within 72 hours or rapid antigen test within 48 hours before resuming normal work. Meanwhile, the labours living in other provinces and cities have to show negative test result before entering Bac Giang province.

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Over 10,800 people injected third Covid-19 vaccine shot
(BGO) - As of December 22, more than 10,800 people in the northern province of Bac Giang were injected third Covid-19 vaccine shots, mostly in the districts of Hiep Hoa, Lang Giang and Yen The, reported the Health sector.
Accelerating vaccine coverage, proactively and effectively preventing pandemic
(BGO) - Determining vaccination against Covid-19 as one of the important solutions to flexibly adapt, effectively and safely respond to the pandemic, Bac Giang province has focused on implementing vaccination drives for the people and continues to accelerate vaccine  coverage among the elderly and those with underlying diseases. Bac Giang Newspaper interviewed Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the provincial Department of Health, on this content.
Nearly 100 percent of people aged over 18 receive one Covid-19 vaccine shot
(BGO) – As of December 9, Bac Giang province covered first shot of Covid-19 vaccine to over 99.2 percent of population aged over 18 while 67.4 percent of people were fully vaccinated.
Bac Giang increases vaccine coverage for long-term pandemic response
(BGO) - With a high focus on fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, especially proactively responding to a new strain which is spreading in many countries around the world, Bac Giang province has determined that the top task is to speed up the administration of the second dose of vaccine and the booster shot (the third dose) for its residents.
99.2 percent of Bac Giang citizens aged over 18 receive at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot
(BGO)- Bac Giang province has provided more than 6,800 Covid-19 vaccine shots to students from 12 to below 15 as of December 1. On this day, the districts of Tan Yen, Luc Ngan, Hiep Hoa and Bac Giang city vaccinated over 4,700 students at this age.

Bac Giang province, cover 80 percent, IP workers, third Covid-19 vaccine shot, late January, industrial park, Covid-19 pandemic, prevention and control
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