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Bac Giang aims to further develop, upgrade OCOP products

The northern province of Bac Giang plans to invest more in developing and upgrading its products recognised by the “One Commune-One Product” (OCOP) programme, aiming to lifting up the rankings of 95 products which had been certified as three and four-star-products in the 2019-2020 period by 2030.

Along with developing businesses and cooperatives joining the OCOP programme, Bac Giang will strive to have 25-30 products recognised as three-star OCOP products upwards each year.

Bac Giang province, upgrade OCOP products, three and four-star-products, developing businesses and cooperatives, rural and community-based tourism

Bac Giang "chu" rice noodle is one of potential products to be recognised as five-star national OCOP product.

In 2030, the province expects to have 350-400 OCOP products, including 3-5 five-star products, and 50-60 four-star products.

From now to 2030, Bac Giang will step up development of rural and community-based tourism, while increase trade promotion activities for OCOP products to raise sales and expand markets.

According to Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Ba Thanh, in order to further develop and upgrade local OCOP products, in the time to come, the province will focus on popularising safe farming and breeding methods among local farmers, while directing localities to speed up the restructuring of the breeding sector towards a larger scale.

It will also strengthen the popularisation of forestry production regulations and strictly handle violations.

This year, Bac Giang plans to organise two OCOP product classification sessions, with 31 products evaluated in the first session.

By the end of August, Bac Giang had 180 OCOP products with at least three-star ranking, becoming one of the leading localities across the country in the number of OCOP products.

Due attention paid to creating OCOP product with Bac Giang trademark
(BGO) – On May 19, the Standing Committee of Bac Giang provincial Farmers ‘Association held a ceremony to popularize and implement Project “Farmers’ Association at all levels are core in farming under value chain cooperation and linkage, building and enhancing quality of One Commune One Product (OCOP) in period 2022 - 2025” (Project).
Bac Giang works to bring OCOP products into modern retail system
(BGO) - The One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme has helped improve the value of agricultural products and increase income for farmers. To further improve economic efficiency, together with relevant agencies, local authorities and OCOP product owners in Bac Giang province have actively sought partners to bring products into the modern retail system.
Provincial Farmers’ Association instructs and supports to create 50 OCOP products
(BGO) – To promote the role of Farmers’ Association in developing commodity agricultural products, in 2022 all levels of the provincial Farmers’ Association in Bac Giang province registered to instruct and support 50 product under One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme.
Earning higher stars for OCOP products
(BGO) - The One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme implemented in Bac Giang province in recent years has achieved encouraging results. However, the upgrading (earning higher stars) of OCOP products needs more attention in the near future.
Bac Giang strives to have national OCOP product with five star rating
(BGO) – The Agriculture sector in Bac Giang province strives to have 25 to 30 more products qualified as One Commune One Product (OCOP) with three star rating and above as well as upgrade 5 to 10 products, reported the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Source: VNA

Bac Giang province, upgrade OCOP products, three and four-star-products, developing businesses and cooperatives, rural and community-based tourism
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