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Brand-new automobiles to be exempt from first mechanical check

Brand-new automobiles will be exempt from the first mechanical check under a revised circular on technical safety and environmental protection promulgated by the Ministry of Transport.

The decision to this effect aims to simplify procedures and reduce costs and time for users, according to the ministry.

Brand-new automobiles, exempt, first mechanical check, technical safety, environmental protection, simplify procedures, reduce costs and time

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The legal document, which started to take effect on March 22, stipulates that owners of brand-new vehicles can submit dossiers at registration agencies to receive stamps without having to bring in their vehicles.

It also extends the interval between the two checks from 30 months to 36 months for those that have up to nine seats and not engaged in transport service. Meanwhile, the period will be lengthened from 18 months to 24 months for vehicles up to seven years old.

For those with more than nine seats, it will be 24 months instead of 18 months. After they become five years old, the period will be extended to 12 months in stead of six months.

Regarding the group of trucks of all kinds which were produced 20 years or more ago, the interval between the two checks will be extended from three to six months.

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Source: VNA

Brand-new automobiles, exempt, first mechanical check, technical safety, environmental protection, simplify procedures, reduce costs and time
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